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The “ONE WORD” of Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams’ Word

Gayantri Yantra for Knowledge and Enlightenment

From One of Wayne’s Posts

Here is an article a good email and Yahoo! 360* friend of mine from Trinidad and Tobago named Wayne Williams posted to his Yahoo! 360* titled The Age of the Mind.

I am posting it to my Yahoo! 360* as my second entry because it expresses half of the inspiration behind the question I poised in my fist blog post titled:

“What One Word do you think best describes what is going on in the world around us.”

…;i.e., what your daily life is and it’s relationship to Universe.

I do have and have had a specific idea myself about what one word best describes what’s going on around us before I ever posted that first blog entry. But I was hoping to get an idea of what others think about such a notion first before posting my idea. The idea that one word could best describe everything is kind of unique if not new. Like I said I do have an idea, actually even a best word and I do mean for what our world is today.

Now the article that I’m posting best describes not only what the world has been but also what it is re-discovering in the light of what we are today. And according to the article I don’t think anyone would disagree with me that their one word is most likely “Mind” which in the final analysis I’d have to agree is the one word I’m looking for too. That would be because that is the one word I do think all of us always will end up settling on, if we’re going to find our ultimate survival that is.

But what I’m looking for here is even something more, something of a more urgent” nature. Something in one word that not only best describes the urgency of the message as it always has been throughout all the ages but also delivers the Link to today’s world so that we can begin to understand profoundly in an extremely real and concrete way the relevance of the ancient traditions to what we think of as our modern scientific and technological age. A contextual one word link that ties a modern world of Albert Einstein exactly to the Enlightenment of Ancient Civilization without missing a beat. A one wordBRIDGE” so to say that best ties both the ancient traditional “Subjective Enlightenment” to the Modern day materialistic “Objective Enlightenment” and may come out being the best description of “Mind” that we are most likely ever going to get!

This is something that one finds all the greats of today in their respective fields like Max Plank, Einstein, etc. eluding to in their own personal descriptions of what we are all tied to that with all their years in their fields lead them to conclude.

Max Plank’s statement while on stage receiving the Noble Peace Prize for his work in electricity for example. A statement to the effect that:

‘After all my years trying to discover what the atom is, what is physical about the Universe that we live in that the only conclusion I can come to after all my years of research is that as I probe deeper and deeper to see what the physical universe is made out of the only conclusion that I can come to is that we are dealing with an “Individual”.’ (-something that displayed behavior a kin to a conscious sentient being).

That’s from Max Plank while on stage receiving the Noble Peace Prize for his work in one of the most physical of all sciences, physics of electricity.

I don’t ever remember getting told this throughout all of my education, certainly not my public education.

Einstein himself is famous for describing that:

‘The intelligence operating in nature that we quantify and put into mathematical formulas for our convenience is nothing different then the exact same intelligence operating in nature that structures our very own individuality.’

These are very clear descriptions of a world that one would hardly take away from a public education.

So what I’m looking for is that miracle one word that’s going to be basically the blessing of illumination and unification at the same time. A miracle one word that is going to BRIDGE in the most obvious and profound way how both the ancient traditions and modern scientist are talking about exactly the same REALITY. In fact this miracle one word will be seen as both ancient traditional enlightenment and modern scientific thought all in the same stroke! Wisdom gaining the precision of math!

This miracle one word will do this so profoundly that one will begin to believe that we really are living in a new age. One that can easily be called “The Age of the Mind”. An age of mind where the principle of unity is so simply, effectively and obviously discerned that the modern scientific age begins to gain a foot hold in the stability of ancient enlightenment and wisdom.

My guess is that is exactly what is required to lead our world to the discovery of the real ‘one and only’ Unified Field/Unified Field Equation/Theory of Everything that we’ve been looking for so fervently all this time.

So without further ado here is the article that my good email and 360* friend Wayne Williams so wonderfully made me aware of that will help prepare the foundation for my ground braking ONE WORD:

The Age of the Mind


~Comments always welcome:


3 responses to “The “ONE WORD” of Wayne Williams

  1. Anonymous January 27, 2006 at 9:28 pm

    Wow….that is a lot of reading for a small mind such as mine…lol…Some of it did sink in though..thank you for the great blog…MJB

  2. John J Zettel February 15, 2006 at 8:49 pm

    Glad you liked it, when ever I get to the one word blog that I have in mind I think you’ll like that even better, a lot better.

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