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“When we see ourselves in a situation which must be endured and gone through, it is best to make up our minds to it, meet it with firmness, and accommodate everything to it in the best way practicable. This lessens the evil, while fretting and fuming only serves to increase your own torments.”

— Thomas Jefferson, 3rd U.S. President

I’ve wanted to use the blog format to bring out my message to everyone else about how to make life work as found in my experience of 15 years of finding myself through following instructions of Eastern approach to health that lead to incredible heights of stability, health, happiness and an incredible mind and intuition.

The message was to tell others stuck in a never-ending yet also never starting cycle of ignorance and abuse that how that they can get their lives to work by following the same instructions. That my and all societies responsibility is to make it so that no matter where one finds ones self on the cycle of life that society is enlightened and knowledgeable enough to be able to help anyone no matter where they find themselves on the cycle of life, or off it to get back on it.

So with all this incredible inspiration in me based on my experience accumulated over the last 15 years I was poised to begin my outreach program over the Internet. My tenant was to set up a sight posting up to ten of my own ideas on the basic concept I have and then inviting the rest of the world to chime in filling in the blanks so to say making sure credit and rights are absolutely respected. And then taking it from there to where ever the heights of this inspiration and pursuit may lead to that only the imagination can entertain for now.

I so much have been looking forward to this. But lo and behold I find myself being put set back having to start all over from the beginning having to follow my own advice. I know the process of starting over having been through it before three times, however, it’s only easy to accept the process having already been through it and accomplished. Then it’s very easy having gained the stability of the discipline of lives great lesson. It’s very difficult to have to start all over on it though, especially sense it may mean years just to get where one can start, to where I’ve just been.

But my dream is still the same, to put what I think is my two cents worth on uniting ancient Eastern approaches to modern Scientific thought and showing how I think that my two cents worth will be enough to break the bank, to make the 98 cents worth of whats going on around us a whole dollar like no body else has done before, not even Maharishi, in respect. Of course I do think of it as just my “two cents” worth but a two cents that actually counts, the two cents worth that no one else can do because they neither have the educational back ground to or are to caught up in the ignorance and abuses of life to be able to even think about doing this.

When one looks to see what unites to large countries of divergent cultures and values for travel and one comes across just one single bridge that serves the purpose of uniting so divergent cultures that with this one bridge each country can enjoy the company of the other and can even create a new value – culture between the two that cannot be got without the other all because of this one bridge; then one can see how one man’s two cents worth can carry out the same feet for uniting such divergent and seemingly un-unit-able ideologies as what is in the ancient traditional subjective Eastern approach to life to what is in the outward materialistic objective Western approach to life.

The resulting unification and absolutely new layer of knowledge for the entire world will be so revealing and spectacular that the world will never be the same. The revelation will squelch Revelations and open a whole new possibility of world peace based on the security only found in progress. The vision in this unification is hardly imaginable and is absolutely remarkable and for sure possible.

The only need of course is to meet the basic requirements of at least the ancient traditional values of the Eastern approach to life and that would be to know the imperishable nature of ones own self, consciousness, to know this inner value of ones self on a permanent continuous and uninterrupted none dying bases, so that one can be consistent with bringing the knowledge out in a most effective way possible.

This is my dream and I now get to start a new all over on it just to secure my restart. So I’ll keep posting as I full-time persist to re find my restart to let you know if I can be the one to do this or if I have to concede to let someone else do it or find someone else to do it. Like I said in my “One Word” blog I do have a specific idea in mind to approach the thing. And I do consider this the most important task the world needs to do in order to find the most practical values of life in a step toward true unification, to secure our future, NOW.

In the mean time I can recommend for those that want a little exposure to the Eastern approach I can recommend checking out any one of my three friends, abni a, Sanjay Pethe and I highly recommend Mrudula. Mrudula is especially interested in delving into the Vedic Literature and bringing to light the practical value of it as applied to her and others lives today, this is very much my same interest.

So please do keep abreast, research and even add your own insights and comments. I’d love to hear from you. Really! I’ll do everything I can to get back on top of my game as quickly as possible so to start on what I think will be the greatest fun and joy of a career that I can possible think of, what I think is going to lead the world to if not give the world the one and only Unified Field – Unified Field Equation – Theory of Everything – that it is ever going to get, and to get to my ground braking “One Word” blog that will start it all off.

Jai Guru Dev


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