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In Remembrance Of Sr. Mary Robert.

Aunt Sr. Mary Robert

In Remembrance of Aunt Sr. Mary Robert

I just want to post this in Remembrance Blog for my wonderful aunt Sr. Mary Robert whom just past a few days ago. My dad is the only one left from their family and it means a whole lot that we’ve just lost the next closes family member on my dad’s side.

I plan on saying pretty much exactly what’s in this Blog at the Remembrance part of her funeral. I think it has great meaning for all of us and in all respect for her I also want to say it here. So here it is, my Remembrance of my Aunt Sr. Mary Robert:

May 14, 2006

In Remembrance of Aunt Sr. Mary Robert:

We all have to find meaning and spirituality in our lives but few of us choose to make a career of it as Sr. Mary Robert has. I remember growing up with her always there being an emphasis of silence, prayer and devotion in our lives. Every time we went to St. Mary’s Academy it was always about experiencing the Inspiration of the mystery of Silence in the academy and our lives that apparently was so perfectly expressed through the life of Jesus Christ.

I remember one particular instance that makes it real clear how her career choice was also her life’s passion. It was December 1975, dad and myself were at the Marine Bank working on securing a loan for me to go to Teacher Training to learn to teach the Transcendental Meditation Program. Just as we were leaving the Marine Bank (as it was then) we ran into Sr. Mary Robert. She came up to us all smiles and exuberant.

She exclaimed what a coincidence and how happy she was to run into us and she started right in on saying: “John I heard that you learned the Transcendental Meditation Program, please tell me all about it, do you think that it is something that I can do, I’m really interested in it, can you teach me it”

I said: “Yes it is something that you can do but that I can not teach you it yet that she would have to wait till I got back from Teacher Training for that. But I could tell her all about the benefits that I’ve experienced.”

I continued: “I really enjoyed the very deep rest and sense of well being that I experienced in the practice so much so that I was inspired to pursue becoming a teacher of it.”

Sr Mary Robert said: “That is so nice of you that at your age you found such inspiration and that I really want to meet with you John after you became a teacher to find out much more about it, promos me you’ll do that.”

“Well it’s many years later and quit a different circumstance and I still don’t remember ever getting back to you on this point Sr. Mary Robert but I’m sure that you kept your Inspiration anyhow, as I know I have.”

It’s just that getting an education is a much different thing than learning an education. A collage professor of mine once said that the point of getting an education is to get it quickly, then get out, and use it because that’s when you really learn your discipline.

I do feel that I’m finally learning my discipline, my education sense I’ve actually begun to use it much more later in my life. What I’m learning is that it’s now our responsibilities to carry this Inspiration that Sr. Mary Robert made a career of and work as she did to pursue clarifying the issue not only for ourselves but also for the world as to what that inspiration, that Spirituality really is so that no one is ever born into a world that doesn’t know the true meaning and value of Spirituality.

The meaning of this inspiration, this Spirituality is exemplified not only in the life of Jesus Christ but in all saints even those that haven’t been put on a cross.

And now it is our turn, as she prayed for us all her life for our guidance, health and Spiritual well being, that now our meditate, prayers and wishes are for her so that in her Eternal Nature that she can still find the True meaning of -her life’s inspiration, carrier, – Spirituality.

All I can say is thank you very much for being our aunt, God speed and Jai Guru Dev Sr. Mary Robert.


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3 responses to “In Remembrance Of Sr. Mary Robert.

  1. Anonymous May 31, 2006 at 2:56 pm

    Thank you for sharing your remembrance and thaughts. It was good to tead it. With love from Norway

  2. Anonymous July 6, 2006 at 2:08 am

    Awww so sorry to hear of ur sad news, but remember loved ones are always remembered in our thoughts and prayers everyday.Take care. xxx

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