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In Remembrance Of Dad.


Mom and Dad at my nephew Pablo and Denelle's Wedding

My Dad passed away just a month ago, June 28, 2006.

There is nothing to say about him that anyone else wouldn’t say about their own. It’s very difficult to lose someone who means so much to you, very.

So here is what I was hoping to say at the wake but for some reason it just didn’t come out.

I think it still covers the sentiment that we all feel toward our own.

In Remembrance of Dad:

Dad you help me find God, whether alive or having moved on. Of course I prefer you a live but nonetheless you still help me find God. For I couldn’t even tie my own shoes if it weren’t for you let alone all the incredible charming moments everyone is remembering of you and the fact that all the questions of what life is seem to find their answer when with you so readily. That even now in this transition time I’m still finding out what God is through you.

That is so remarkable. God seems to have hidden the secret of whom He is in you Dad and He hid it so well that even when we seem to lose you we still find out whom God is through you. You are that much Dad.

May our knowing God through you help you now also to know God.

And may you find refuge, enlightenment and peace in Him.

I love you Dad, I’ll always know that I know you when I know God.

Jai Guru Dev


~ My Dad’s career was in Education as a Head Guidance Councilor and he is survived by my mom, 9 kids, 1 daughter in law, 1 brother in law, 11 grand children and 1 great grand child. (Now 3 great grand children as of May 2008.)

~ The picture is of my Mom and Dad at my nephew Pablo and Danielle’s wedding in 2002.

~ I still hope to live up to him.


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