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Om on the Grange
By Gary Lee of the Washington Post

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Well hello again everyone. This will be my second link (CLICK ABOVE – Om on the Grange) to an article about my true love, passion and joy – the Transcendental Meditation Program and advance TM Sidhis Program.

I feel inclined to post these articles at this time because there is finally a major shift in policy with the TM Movement.

They’ve finally gotten “O< TUIT”.

They have finally gotten around to a whole lot of what only has been talked about for a very long time. The dream was to get enough people doing the TM Program and Advance TM Sidhis program in one place to cause a Maharishi Effect.

The Maharishi Effect finally seems to be ‘taking off’ so to say.

Dr. John Hagelin seems to have been able to finally pull his influence to get things started as far as everyone’s desire to get a large ‘permanent’ course going in this here United States in Fairfield, Iowa.

Because of the results of his efforts I get to re-post this Washington Post article that I received in an email today. I’m very happy to have gotten it.

This article not only reminds me of the by gone days when I had the opportunity to attend courses of the most inspiring and enlightening nature but it is the current version of these courses with all the latest toots and whistles / updates and upgrades as we say now.

This seems to make all the years of our pursuits and efforts of promoting Consciousness Based Education absolutely worth our while.

So, have at that article “Om on the Grange” by Gary lee of the Washington Post.


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