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2006 Seasonal Wish

H A P P Y  H O L I D A Y S!

Christmas Nature

Marry Christmas!

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. While driving home last year after celebrating the holiday with family I told my brother that: “The experience of what life is so unmistakable on holidays especially Christmas that it’s hard to imagine that anyone could miss it. Life’s fullness and feeling is so strong and pervasive that it just seems to be oozing out of oneself.” I continued: “One wishes that this richness of life’s feeling should not have to be something just for the holiday. It should be with us all year round. To that end should be our pursuit!”

But as always with in a week or two of the holiday one is wondering where that wonderful feeling went to. It’s such a climatic experience. You spend all of December sense just before Thanksgiving escalating to this incredible and wonderful height of life only to wonder where it went to within a week or two after its climax on Christmas day. By the day after New Years one is thinking at least the days are getting longer and one only needs to survive cabin fever for one, two or three months before spring when the meaning of the holiday blossoms once again on every tree, shrub, garden and lawn. Everyone then seems to shake off the winter blues as easily as they do during the holiday season.

Such a wonder life is to have these extremes yet always found favoring the life side of it. It would make one want to find what really does continue in the midst of this contrast. Yet one doesn’t seem to get a chance to do anything about it other than carry on stumbling along between these two extremes. It makes one feel helpless except for these occasional experiences of holiday and where ever else one seems to find this height. But there must be an answer to the posed question: “What then is life’s real meaning”. Because it does happen even if with these extremes, it just simply does happen.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe just starting with simple will help us find It’s true meaning. So the Holiday wish for you for everyone for everyday of the year as well as the holiday will be to wish you the simplest state of mind, of awareness twice a day so to find the true nature of this wonderful Self of life that is so easily discerned during the holiday season that It can only be telling us of the true nature of our Cosmic destiny.


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One response to “2006 Seasonal Wish

  1. Anonymous December 13, 2006 at 9:31 pm

    I, too, wish that we could celebrate life each and every day as Christmas. Not meaning the exchanging of gifts, but the joy and happiness that this time of the year seems to bring.

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