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As IQ Rises, Taste for Meat Declines!

“Kids With High IQs Grow Up to Be Vegetarians”

Eating Meat and IQ Don’t Mix

In 2003 I took the Tickle IQ test (Tickle is now defunct; try for testing your IQ) and my score was around 124.

I think that is about average. But I do find that I pretty much adhere to a vegetarian diet and never miss eating meat of any kind. In fact now that I’m on my own I find that I very rarely have even chicken or fish. I just don’t think about it.

I usually eat a rice base with an East Indian vegetarian topping purchased from iShop India. It’s very tasty and I’m quite satisfied and I feel quite healthy with it.

So when I came across this article on Yahoo!’s front page about IQ associated with a vegetarian’s diet I thought it amusing if not a bit Enlightening. I thought I’d post a link to “Higher IQ = Less Meat” here because it just seems to be one of those articles that deserves a little extra attention, gets you to think a little.

My question is:

Does it take a high IQ to make healthy choices or is it healthy choices that make a high IQ?

Who makes the choice first? Is it the kids with high IQs or is it caring parents that make a situation conducive for high IQs to happen.

I think the point being made is to remember that choices that you make don’t only affect you, they also affect those around you. And some of those may be people you love and care about. I know that I’m very happy to have had my parents with me as long as they have been. I know that’s because of the sensible life style that they have lived. I hope enough of it has rubbed off on me to make a difference in my own.

But they aren’t the ones whom inspired me to become a vegetarian that comes from learning the Transcendental Meditation program and the Eastern Vedic Tradition behind it.

This inspiration I really want to stick with me for a long time. Especially sense research on the Transcendental Meditation Program indicates that IQ increases the longer one practices the TM Program. I think my high school IQ test was at least 10 points less than my resent Tickle IQ Test.

So, don’t we all know we can use some help in this department.

So what does come first the IQ or the sensibleness especially that of the prized Enlightened traditions of the past that got us here in the first place.

It’s surprising to come across articles like this. I know of the benefits of my TM Program practice back ground because I do it like a career. But the rest of the world seems to still just beginning to get out of the bed on this one.

I imagine that the more the west gets familiar with meditation techniques in particular the TM Program that we will see more and more articles like this one come out indicating that the actual practice of the TM technique is what produces the results.

This research should shed some light on what really works to help make a life that is not only sustainable but even more than sustainable. Possibly so much more than just sustainable in fact that we’ll have to start finding new ways to express our appreciation for how much we’re finding that life can achieve.

But just maybe we wont have to go very far, say no further than our very own ancient traditions that have always called this more than sustainable life – Enlightenment!

Please enjoy the article!

“Kids With High IQs Grow Up to Be Vegetarians” 


PS Yes, the slabs of meat in this Butcher Shop do look disgusting to this vegetarian.

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