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Mari Boine: Radiant Warmth Review

Mari Boine on Yahoo! Radio

Mari Boine - L. Neuzil

(Yahoo! Radio has to be some of the best Stereo Sound out there!)

Lara one of my and many others Yahoo! 360* friends sent an email Holiday Wish with URL addresses of her favorite blast songs.

Mari, whom Lara introduced me to in one of her song blast postings, is one of them that I can’t get enough of. So I’m finally able to post her to my blast as well.

Please do listen to her by clicking the play tab in the blast above at the top of the blog.

She is such a stunning singer that a had to find out more about her. I found these reviews in Yahoo!’s LaunchCast Radio reviews about Mari. I’ve posted them here for you to read if you find her that good also. Please do read them.

More important please listen to her by clicking the triangle music play tab in the blast above. I’m sure that you’ll agree that she is quite stunning.



Radiant Warmth Review

07/13/2005 6:39 AM, AMG

The joiking of the Sami people of northern Scandinavia formerly known as Lapplanders is the basis of electrified fusion music by Mari Boine. Most often linked to shamanism, joiking is a kind of phonetic poetry consisting mainly of untranslatable vocables and sung in a chanting fashion somewhat reminiscent of certain Native American vocal music. Boine yokes the joiking tradition to a new age sensibility and plenty of sensuality in her back-up band of breathlessly panting pan pipes, throbbing synth beats, and expectant percussion. Good taste and lots of energy keeps this from falling into the kitsch abyss, though at times it’s a close call. ~ Bob Tarte, All Music Guide

Gula Gula Review

07/13/2005 5:58 AM, AMG

A beautiful release from Sapmiland artist Persen, this recording has the former schoolteacher singing songs that protest the treatment of her people and deal with their history, while also bringing traditional Sapmi music into a more modern framework. The instrumentation is simple, yet never stark, and the result, as a whole, is simply a pleasure. It’s rare that songs of anguish are given such musical beauty. ~ Steven McDonald, All Music Guide

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One response to “Mari Boine: Radiant Warmth Review

  1. Anonymous January 3, 2007 at 2:31 am

    I agree with you Primary, she has a stunning voice and I have looked for more music of her to share online, but found only a few clips on her page. She has made a lot of music with Jan Garbarek that I just wrote about in my blog. Earlier I also added something more about Joik/Yoik in the blog about if you are interested. Here URL to read that

    Its sound is comparable to the traditional chanting of some American Indian cultures. Each yoik is meant to reflect a person or place.

    You will be astonished to find that you cannot get beyond the first few notes. You simply cannot recall the melody; your mind is not equipped to record the tune.

    Joiking is the Saami way of singing. It was earlier mistaken for a connection with pagan religion and an expression shamanism and was officially illegalised in the 1600eds because of that. A few decennia back (the mid 1980ies) people were allowed used officially again.

    I am glad that the song inspired you. Hugs 🙂

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