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“Pandits Come For Peace”

Emailed: “Pandits Come For Peace”

Pundits Arriving in Vedic City for an Invincible America!

I receive regular emails from Fairfield, IA about the progress they are making in establishing a National Maharishi Effect to make the US Invincible.

In my latest email I was told that we here in the US are slow at recognizing and heeding the need for having enough Transcendental Meditators and TM Sidhi practitioners in one place to make a Maharishi Effect for the US.

For what ever reason this is and since the need is there for us to make our own peace the initiative was taken by Dr. john Hagelin to recruit Pandits from India to bring the numbers up to the required amount to achieve a Maharishi Effect for our Nation.

By doing this Dr. John Hagelin should not only serve the purpose of creating a Maharishi Effect for the US but he should also show scientifically to the US and the world the dramatic results of just a few people practicing the Transcendental Meditation program and TM Sidhis program together for making a positive influence that is scientifically verifiable!

But, I’ll let this exciting DeMoinse Register article “Pandits Come For Peace” by Mike Kilen explain it better than I can here.

It’s always good to keep up on the cutting edge-frontier technology of the age or is that of the ages!



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