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Interested in Learning the Transcendental Meditation Program.

Advice to a Relative is Advice to All

Anyone who can think can Meditate!

I wrote this to a relative that seemed to show a little interest in what I do called the T.M. program – Transcendental Meditation program.


To learn the TM Program is an individual thing. It’s recommended that you find out something about it first before deciding whether you want to learn it.

I can personally recommend it for all the growth that I’ve experienced because of it.

The quite transcendental peace and centering of Self this peace provides is unmistakable and the easy accessibility of this experience through the T.M. technique is the source of my growth.

The T.M. technique is not only about stress reduction, it certainly does that but it’s also (and mostly) about establishing Enlightenment the ultimate culmination of growth and an experience beyond perfect health that all traditions extol as their goal.

You cannot learn the Transcendental Meditation technique over the Internet.

It involves personal instruction from a qualified teacher to make sure that you get the right instruction and how to use that instruction properly.

All information for instruction will be kept confidential and not used for any other purpose.

There is a course fee involved that is kind of steep these days but the instruction is well worth it.

To take advantage of the T.M. Technique you only need to learn it from a qualified teacher of the T.M. program.  You can look in your yellow pages for a Transcendental Meditation Center near you. Just look under meditation.

You can tell them that a relative inspired you to look into it. I can only wish you the best in pursuing this.

There is one thing from when mom passed that I found about the Catholic doctrine and it said that anything that aids in understanding the true meaning of Christ’s life is OK.

I think TM does this.


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