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Vedic Architecture In Harmony with Natural Law

Maharishi Vedic Architecture or Maharishi Sthapatya Veda

Maharishi Vedic Architecture

Maharishi Vedic Architecture

Hi Everyone,

The ancient Vedic tradition seems to have covered every aspect of life. It also includes how to get the most positive influence out of your architecture.

Click on the title above to read how Maharishi Vedic Architecture or Maharishi Sthapatya Veda (the Sanskrit language description) explain that all you need is proper orientation, proportions and placement to achieve perfect health from the buildings that you live in.

Maharishi claims that through proper building design all problems in the world can be eradicated.

The positive influence from Maharishi Vedic Architecture or Ancient Sthapatya Veda comes from building architectural dwellings that reflect the inner unity behind all life.

This inner Unity is also considered to be a field of perfection. Proper orientation, proportions and placement or Vastu as it is called in the Vedic tradition architecture reflect this inner Unity behind all life and It’s perfection.

Quantum Mechanics has begon to approach this Unity in physics because of the Uncertainty Principle behind Quantum Mechanics requiring an observer to collapse the wave function of probabilities to give us either a wave or a particle; i.e., we are needed to make physical happen.

Even Albert Einstein expresses this connection between inner and outer when he talked about the relation between physics and man. If I may paraphrase it:

‘When we look around us to see the patterns in nature that we quantify, classify and make into natural laws of physics we should also be aware that these same laws structure our individuality.’ Albert Einstein.

You can see then how Quantum Mechanics itself rising from the Uncertainty Principle equates all that we know as physical to the observer observing; i.e., without an observer there is no physical reality.

The obvious statement of Quantum Mechanics being that there is a Unity between the individual and their environment.

Well, India’s Vedic tradition being the World’s oldest tradition making these statements of Unity all along and being that it is still with us I think that is a statement all in its self.

So, I should let you read the Maharishi ↑ Vedic Architecture or ↑ Maharishi Sthapatya Veda press release article to get more inspiring details of this ancient re-emerging science of architecture based on Unity and it’s ability to bestow on us perfect health.



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One response to “Vedic Architecture In Harmony with Natural Law

  1. Anonymous April 24, 2007 at 6:07 am

    It’s about time someone brought this to the attention of the public. This is a most wonderful site. Why have you been hiding? Lol. Enlightenment, wisdom, so refreshing.

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