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“Gabby’s Guide to Health & Fitness” By Gabrielle Reece – Yahoo! Health

12 Ways to Stay on Top of Stress

Gabrielle Reece

Gabrielle Reece

I’m posting a link (in title) to Gabrielle Reece’s article simple because she mentions the practice of meditation as a source to reduce stress.

I have to concur whole heartily sense after 30 years of practicing the Transcendental Meditation Program I’m still awed at how simply profound the experience of the practice is in blasting and eliminating stress.

Only the Transcendental Meditation technique doesn’t stop at being just the best stress reduction technology out there. It just amazes me every time I sit to meditate at how it can give the same profound results of rest, rejuvenation and Enlightenment every time.

In fact after 15 years of being totally serious with the practice I can’t escape the absolutely profound implications the experience of Transcendence (or big) SELF that the practice provides makes about everything that we think of as knowledge, all the sciences, all the humanities, all the arts, every field of understanding that we think of as a body of knowledge.

It’s incredibly stunning how this one simple, natural, effortless technique is Unifying the way we think of the world and where it is going.

This Unification is gaining expression in modern physics with the terms of Quantum Consciousness and Quantum Conundrum.

Top physicists like Dr. John Hagelin, Dr. Peter Russell, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, Dr. Lisa Miller, Dr. Stuart Hameroff, and Dr. Amit Goswami are not only giving their names to including concepts of consciousness in physics but they are pro-activists in the perpetuation of the subject.

I’m so inspired by the conclusions that I come to based on these physicists work and my own educational background of the Vedic tradition teaching techniques of transcendental consciousness that I’ve started my own web site called Species Universe addressing these fantastic conclusions.

I see myself putting a voice to what is clearly a part of the subliminal mind of society and hat clearly needs to become a part of it’s conscious mind.

I manage the building I live in and I’ve talked to the couple managing the other of Fischer Property Holdings, L.L.C. here in Milwaukee about the new “Consciousness” paradigm beginning to take hold and the wife said that she pretty much thinks the same way only she hasn’t yet put a voice to it.

Well, with my Vedic educational background which involves using speech in terms of recitation as an aspect of it’s health care program I am not only learning to put speech to the concepts but I’m also learning to post it on the web.

So, I suggest that you visit my web site SPECIES UNIVERSE to get a better understanding on what’s happening in society on a more profound axiomatic scale.

I am so happy to be witnessing the conscious awakening occurring in society today to this new paradigm involving the unification of the inner subjective and the outer materialistic extreme poles of life.

But I want to do more than just witness it. I also want to facilitate taking It from the subconscious to the conscious mind of society.

If it occures in my life time the contrast between what is out there in the world today excepted as dogma and what is brewing is so stricking that it will be just an unimaginable wonder to watch the transformation.

To be a part of it will be sublime!

Anyhow, not to miss an opportunity to promote some of what is the foundation of making this transformation occur I should remember to point you to Gabrielle Reece’s article, “12 Ways to Stay on Top of Stress” simply because she includes what I know as one of the pillars of health meditation.

Now go read that article.


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on Mon, Apr 16, 2007, 3:39 pm PDT

One response to ““Gabby’s Guide to Health & Fitness” By Gabrielle Reece – Yahoo! Health

  1. Anonymous May 1, 2007 at 4:07 am

    Excellent entry…know it well! Now, if I would just do it!!!!!

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