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The Latest From Booming Vedic City – Fairfield | TM Land!


Fairfield Moving Up In the World

Hi Everyone,

Here is the latest Inspiration coming from the Vedic City (Fairfield) community in Iowa via the Maharishi Enlightenment Center of Milwaukee.

As always it surprises me as to how much is really going on down there.

But then again all I have to do is reflect on my own incredible experiences with the Transcendental Meditation Program to know why I keep getting these outrageous reports of progress and prosperity from Fairfield.

Why would their results be any different from mine? Well they aren’t, there is just more of them all in one place officially going at the TM Practice so there is more chance to hear something good about it than with me doing all by my lonesome.

Hmm. Makes one wonder why the heck I’m still doing it by lonesome myself up here.

Well, I’ll have to work on that one.

In the mean time please know that my personal experiences do reflect the same maybe not so much prosperity but certainly the same outrageous progress which is a natural, effortless and efficacious result of the inner experience and development that the Transcendental Meditation Program spontaneously provides.

They tend to want to call the result “Enlightenment”. I like to include the word “SURPRISING” and this is all the time not only when I meditate.

I go from outward agitation and/or fatigue to complete inner profound silence with all of the outward growth that occurs because of this. The experience is one of total high lighted contrast, going from being fatigued to one of complete healing and rejuvenation ready to tackle what ever my daily routine may have in store for me.

With this meditation in my daily routine everything takes on the value of satisfaction.

I don’t seem to get it any where else quit like I do when including the Transcendental Meditation Program.

So, without further a due I’ll let you read how universally applicable the practice is by sharing with you the latest inspiration from ↑ Vedic City ↑- Fairfield ↑, Iowa ↑.



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