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“Taming Gravity” Follow Up!

Discovery magazine publishes Dr. Ning Li

Bose-Einstein condensate - representative imag...

Image via Wikipedia: A Bose-Einstein Condensate used in making Dr. Ning Li’s A/C Gravity

Hi Everyone,

This is a follow-up to the postTaming Gravity I did on the article from the Oct 1999 Popular Mechanics issue on Dr. Ning Li titled “Taming Gravity”.  Discover magazine offers their version of the article covering more of the History involved behind this controversial direction in science and less of the “How To” that Popular Mechanics includes specifically behind Dr. Ning Li’s research.

Dr. Ning Li is a well established scientist pioneering cutting edge research on the subject of gravity modulation.

Gravity Modulation is the preferred scientific gorgon for describing what scientists do in their pursuit of mastering gravity, making gravity, making anti-gravity or taming gravity which are other ways of describing what they are trying to do.

Only don’t expect to find Gravity Modulation in Wikipedia yet though.  Wikipedia is only as far as calling it Anti-gravity even though its the same pursuit.

The Popular Mechanics article includes an excellent basic must read description of how Dr. Ning Li plans to finesse the Bose-Einstein Condensate phenomena to make what she calls A/C Gravity.

In Discover magazine Dr. Ning Li points out the implications of such a breakthrough discovery.

It could change everything,” she says. “Current industry will vanish from the face of the Earth!” A practical antigravity device could allow rockets without propellant or power plants that run without fuel. Li hopes to pave the way by designing an antigravity car–and thinks she can do it in a decade.

Dr. Ning Li isn’t alone in her pursuit, nor is her way of taming gravity or modulating gravity the only means being pursued.

Names thrown around are Japanese researchers Hideo Hayasaka and Sakae Takeuchi of Tohoku University. While studying the behavior of high-speed gyroscopes with metal flywheels spinning several thousand times per minute they noticed intriguing signs of lift off.

Eugene Podkletnov, while a grad student at Tampere University in Finland when studying super conductivity found objects placed above spinning ceramic disks seemed to lose as much as 2 percent of their weight.

Dr. Ning Li hooked up with NASA for a while where she helped with NASA’s research known publicly as “Delta G Experiment”; i.e., the change in gravity.

Speaking of other ways to skin a cat; Nieto with ATHENA is pursuing the effects of anti-mater with our gravity to see if anti-mater “floats” instead of sinks in our gravity.

James Woodward of California State University at Fullerton is researching the relationship between gravity and inertia to see if there is a way to finesse the cosmological constant of inertia to “push” objects.

The best evidence of anti-gravity comes not from the laboratory but from original research on Super Novas exploding in far away galaxies. Scientists looked to the exploding stars to determine the effect of the Universe’s inertia on slowing down the Universe’s expansion only to find that the Universe is speeding up it’s expansion and not slowing down.

Scientists take this finding as evidence of a latent “cosmological constant”; an energy hidden within the fabric of space that counteracts the tug of gravity.

In their wilder speculations, scientists like Hal Puthoff of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Austin, Texas, speculate that the energy that gives rise to the cosmological constant is also responsible for the phenomenon of inertia, linking the universal antigravity back to potential gravity-fighting techniques here at home. Although the theory is only still only half-formed, “it’s a very fruitful area of study,” Noever says.

As Dr. Ning Li says about the research in this possibly becoming less questionable and speculative field and maybe more of an Inverters Ultimate Dream is:

” The contraption(s) may not look like much, but Li insists that the data she is gathering could rid mankind of the shackles that bind us to the planet. “It could change everything,” she says. “Current industry will vanish from the face of the Earth!” “

Now discover for yourself the second (prequel) article on Dr. Ning Li’s Gravity Modification titled “Zero Gravity – antigravity devices” By Corey S Powell published in Discovery explaining a new inspiration in science and technology that may lead to the next Industrial Evolution.


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  1. Anonymous November 18, 2007 at 7:30 pm

    Excellent sir!!!!! Very good,! intriguing, most interesting! Brava love. Be well. Namaste.

  2. dmancalledwayne November 18, 2007 at 5:44 pm

    As this youthful generation might say in their “hip-hop” vernacular:

    DAMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous November 19, 2007 at 3:19 am

    “antigravity car”… It made me smile. Is it like a airplane or an UFO? I really look forward to see the results of this research now when you have told about it. Very interesting blog.

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