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Maharishi Inaugurates Administration through Silence

Maharishi Inaugurates Attention to Gyan Shakti

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

This is a transcript from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Thanksgiving Inauguration about his present endeavor to turn his attention to Gyan Shakti (bringing out the commentaries on the other 3/4ths of the Veda having commented on what he says is 1/4th of them) and letting the administrative structures already established by Him carry on the Kriya Shakti (activity of the administration of the Vedic knowledge).

For anyone understanding where our world is on a planets evolutionary schedule you’ll understand this to be of Great significant, that someone of Maharishi’s stature is going to complete his commentating on the entire Veda as many Great Teachers have done throughout the ages. But the significance of Maharishi is that he’s doing it today in our world with it’s Science and Technological Age.

Maharishi himself has emphasized throughout His teaching the importance of modern science and technology as the tools of verification and validation for what has always been thought of as Spiritual and usually not connected to science and technology. This is therefor making Maharishi’s commentaries of exceptional significance and importance.

The result of this “Merger” of Eastern and the Western thought should be understood by anyone living in our world today as the most important step forward for human kind to date, which actually is even a bigger statement then is sounds.

Basically a new paradigm is emerging that will leave no stone unturned in that nothing will be taken for granted and the application of this new synthesis of knowledge will be administered with the tenacity of a scientist yet with the flexibility of a Saint.

Very new, very different in respect yet the most natural step forward a civilization will ever take.

Everything is telling us that our planet will now be going from childhood to adulthood. Many speakers including Maharishi Himself have reflected this in there teaching.

My guess is that it isn’t going to take no more than 2000 years max and most likely much shorter to accomplish the complete shift of the global awareness to what Maharishi has all along been talking about:

‘That we are living in a “Consciousness” based Reality.’

We are going to know exactly where we stand in the face of cosmic existence and what our options are and how to best pursue them.

There will be no question not worth asking and much more important there will be no question unanswerable.

We are going to be living on a world with Total and Complete Knowledge and anyone understanding what Total and Complete means will also understand what Safety is.

Only I want to let you hear all this inspiration from Maharishi Himself:
(Courtesy of our great friend Brad Mylett)

Maharishi Inaugurates Administration through Silence


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