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Barack Obama on Race and Religion in America! [Video]

What A Campaign Speech!

Anyone having been aware of the present Presidential Campaign in the United States probably has thought that this is a very interesting campaign in that one of the major candidates is African AmericanBarack Obama.

And up till recently no one has been trying to make that an issue.

But as the campaign has evolved, as they always do, difference between the candidates usually come to the foreground and usually are used as tools to discredit their opponent.

As much as the political arena dictates this type of highlighting for advantage Barack Obama seems to have if not surprised everyone certainly done a “Perfect” job of neutralizing any such oppositional advantage over race as an issue with the greatest of ease.

His address to this issue is so poignant, appropriate and effective that I myself just want to congratulate him of being our next President of this here United States of America right now.

Anyone that can’t see what is happening here through Obama most likely will vote for his opponent.

Everyone that does see what is happening through Obama I am sure sees exactly what I see.

And that would have to be that some Evolution is actually occurring right here before our very own eyes, in politics of all things.

The “Perfection” of Obama’s message as Obama himself attributes to the US as some how always pulling off perfection has to be some kind of major brake through for the Human race.

He has hit the issue so squarely on the head that I can’t help but think that something good would have to come of someone in the office of Presidency of the United States with that ability to address major issues with that much clarity.

Hardly a timid response to the major issue of race and surprisingly the “Correct” response.

I have to recommend everyone hear what he has to say and enjoy the true inspiration of genuine real evolution occurring in our very own lives.

It’s certainly a must hear for anyone voting in this here United States of America and certainly for all of the rest of the world to here that even in the US some good can happen.



Barack Obama’s Campaign Site.

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4 responses to “Barack Obama on Race and Religion in America! [Video]

  1. Anonymous March 19, 2008 at 3:11 pm

    Hello love. Thank you for this. I will not discuss my views on politics other than to say, it is all a game. What is to come is horrendous, and I won’t discuss it. ~ Not only the slaves that were so brutally, inhumanly victimized massacred, but my Brothers and Sisters, the Indians of this land and others too. Rights of the elderly, the mentally ill, any who can not speak up for themselves, any and all persons, are skewed. Then there is me, and others like me, who are advocates. I am very tired, physically, emotionally from almost a lifetime of fighting for peoples’ rights. I will do it no more, only a drip here and there now. Time to save myself, stay on my path. ~ Religion, is man made. I believe that when God says, I am that I am, that’s about all that I need to know. I believe that he communicates in a way to each individual it the way which that person can understand. Just an opinion. To me, opinions are all made of warm air, expelled, that will die as we do, and then what are they anyway? Yes, on the other hand, opinions are too real as they are in that persons reality, that is spewing them. Right, wrong. So judgemental we have become. I want to go back in time, to live with my centuries old Cherokee ancestors, at one with nature, Mother Earth, before the white real “savages” came to this land and massacured millions and stole what waas God Given, to no one, and to everyone. Before they destroyed the environments, and made so many wonderous creatures extinct, and are killing off more and more even as I type, all for corporate Greed, money. See what happens when Many Dimensions thinks of politics and religion. LOL ~ I like this man. Again, I thank you for sending this our way. Be blessed always, Beautiful one. ~ I am and I am not … Peace, Love and Light to you, precious Brother. Namaste, Aho

  2. Anonymous March 20, 2008 at 12:37 am

    Well since Im not an American and cannot vote for either candidate, I just say that is refreshing to have a Woman and a minority rep competing for the post of President instead of just the usual White Caucasian Males.

  3. dmancalledwayne March 22, 2008 at 7:20 am

    There is a simple statement, contained in a book written in the mid-1990’s , which clearly and concisely defined and dictated the changing face of the way in which people engage in business and commerce:

    “A period of great change is “the best of times” – for people who have the vision
    to profit by new economic arrangements … and “the worst of times” – for those
    who continue to rely on old, crumbling institutions.

    – William Stanmeyer, J.D. – “The Best Kept Secret In America”

    With a little bit of re-wording, this statement can just as readily illustrate the times we are in today – as, like it or not, what happens on the U.S. political arena, does have a direct or indirect effect on the rest of us outside of its borders:

    “A period of great change is “the best of times” – for people who decide to develop
    and implement a new understanding … and “the worst of times” – for those who
    continue to abide by obsolete, antiquated habits of thought and action.”

    It could be that (Mr.) Obama and (Mrs.) Clinton both represent this “period of great change”. Of course, it remains to be seen whether the majority of the American population
    who are eligible to vote are ready to embrace said period of change.

    Time, as it always does, will tell.

  4. John J Zettel March 23, 2008 at 7:10 pm

    My Vote is for the step forward!

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