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WOW! Yahoo! Video Stations Are Here! It’s NEW!

Yahoo! now has – get this “VIDEO STATIONS”



They are like their Internet radio stations only for videos. Ant that neat!

They must have heard my pleas for this very king of thing! That means we can now wOOtch our favorite music instead of just listen to it.

What timing, I just finished building a new PC so I’ll be able to join you all in enjoying this new feature on Yahoo!

Do check it out!

You can find Yahoo! Jazz Video Station with Harry Connick Jr. singing “All These People”.

If you’re into New Age, check out Deep Forest by Deep Forest one of New Age’s best ever videos also compliments of Yahoo! Video Stations.


PS Only everyone needs to give “Feedback” to Yahoo! to make a strong suggestion that Yahoo! brings the quality of the videos up to HD standards instead of the washed out VHS that they have now and also so the videos look good on “Full Screen”!!!

PPS OH, Yahoo! videos unfortunately don’t post in blogs, that’s why you don’t see any here.

~ Comments always welcome:


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