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Hinduism is the Religion around Vedic Literature

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The two Hinduism and Vedic Literature can hardly be separated.  However, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has done quit a good job of doing just that.

For Vedic Literature is also the body of knowledge from which the Transcendental Meditation program that I practice finds its origins in.

Maharishi has isolated the active ingredient of the Vedic Literature, to” Transcend” and has given us the experience of Transcending and Transcendence through the Transcendental Meditation technique.

As the TM technique is taught by Maharishi it is the most scientifically researched program of its kind in the world today.

I certainly can a test to why it would get so much attention finding my own experience with the practice to be absolutely illuminating and invaluable for integrating my own personal growth towards higher states of Consciousness.

In this march toward higher states I am always interested in finding out more about what I’m using to get there.

This article does just that, it s a very good article describing the fundamentals of the religious aspect around the Vedic Literature.

I highly recommend reading it for getting some exposure to the background of what I’m sure will and is fast becoming a staple of even our western education, the Transcendental Meditation Program.  There are more schools in the US adopting the TM Program for eliminating all kinds of disorders that hold students back from getting the most out of their education.

I also have to mention that as a western practitioner of the Transcendental Meditation program I am finding that the influence of science and technology on the capacity to understand what the TM practice is really all about is so unmistakable that it has become undeniable to me that western science and technology is the next layer of the Vedic Tradition (and every tradition for that matter) in its ability to upgrade our understand of Traditional values to a level unprecedented in history.

I see the synthesis of science and tradition coming out of Maharishi’s efforts to spiritual enlighten the world.  The synthesis is to discover the Unified Field, Theory of Everything or the M-Theory as nothing other than your own awareness, your own Self!

Master Awareness Mater Creation!

In our age that translates into:

Species Universe!

I look forward in reading comments on the article if not also on what I have said.

HINDUISM <–The Article<<<




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