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Globe Trekking!

Traveling the world over are we

Flickr Photo

World Travelers come in all sizes.

Well you’ll need a little more than a wire fence to do that and you may want to find yourself with a little more evolution under your belt then that of this cute little squirrel’s.

And even if your up to us bipedal humans you still may find it hard to get that world tour in.

Don’t fret though!

Just check out Anastasia Kozhina, a Translator and Interpreter from Nizhny Tagil but currently living in New York.

Her picture perfect collection is one to make us wanna be world travelers envious of.

You’ll find pictures from all over the world from New York, US to St. Petersburg, Russia and all points between to satisfy the most ardent of glob trotter in us all.

So, if you want to remember your own past world exploits once more or fuel the flame of your imagination of wanna be glob trotter just check out:

Anastasia Kozhina’s Flickr photo stream.

I’m sure that she’ll love to read your comments about how wonderful her global photos really are and about how much you wish that you were the one taking them!

So, here is to Trekking the World over!


PS If you want something a bit more domestic you can check out my Flickr photo stream:

John’z Place Flickr Photo Stream!

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2 responses to “Globe Trekking!

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