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1st name is John; last name begins with Z; therefore it's John'z Place Promises New Alternative Energy Source [Video] uses Magnets in a Motor for Alternative Energy

Catch Inventor John Cristy and partner Lew Grits presenting their version of a magnet motor in MagEnergy to offer us another alternative for a sustainable future world.

Steve Grassington an independent electrical engineer has seen their motor and backs up everything John says.

“It’s revolutionary is the only way to describe… I think the technology is not bending physics it’s just using principles I guess that are commonly used in power generation today in a different way.  These guys have thought out side of the square.” Steve Grassington comments.

Basically it’s magnetic attraction and repulsion that provide the movement in the motor.

When asked if he doesn’t see why some people may be skeptical John answers that there are no people that have looked at our motor or at our figures that say it doesn’t work.

Lew is an electrician and John is a business man in Kans in far north Queens Land.  The two inverters have been tinkering with their machine for 6 years.  They have applied for an International patent and have been swamped by investors for a piece of the action.

Local business man Alan Bromer is one of the many offering money to help develop the generator.

“If it proves up to what they say it is then it certainly would be something I would like investing in”, Alan Bromer says.

John has also spoken to millionaire inventor George Lowin, the man that came up with the Triton Work Bench and who is now setting up a fund to keep Australian inventions from going over seas.

All though it seems like a great opportunity the Scientists at the local University say that if John’s invention can make as much energy that they claim then they will have to rewrite some of the laws of physics.  They caution people from investing in it until it has been independently tested.

John reiterates that if they look at it and test it they will agree that it works.

Their prototypes should be ready for the market within a year and sell for about $5000.00.  If they are right it will make him much more than that!

John hesitates to even take a stab at how much they may make.

In the meantime check out their website for blue prints to make your own.

Doesn’t the saying go:

Sustainability doesn’t wait for anyone!”

…if you get what I mean!


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One response to “ Promises New Alternative Energy Source [Video]

  1. vladimir October 15, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    how i can buy it?

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