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Conspiracy Theory and/or Enterprising Debauchery

UFO Files – UFOs vs The Government


UFO Phenomena vs US Government

Did you ever notice how your curiosity in a subject is squashed when all you’re ever given are questions without answers!

I’ve noticed this when ever watching a program on “UFOs” like the one above.

Something that could tickle your curiosity bone to no end but usually only ends up braking it by all the never-ending gnawing – same old same old – “Mystery” – of the UFO phenomena.

The TV Programs on the subject like History Channel’s “UFO” seem to only try to find how many different ways that they can throw the subject at you without ever telling you what really is known.

I mean what’s going to happen when the answer finally comes out. Where are all these bogus UFO TV Programs going to go. Gosh, just think what’s going to happen to the SciFi Industry.

Maybe they’ll all catch a ride on the new mode of transportation to another planet that doesn’t have the answer yet so that they can bilk them too, no?

Everyone knows what happens when break through technology comes out, new Industries open up offering new and better jobs to people. Society gets a chance at a higher standard of living only dreamed of by their parents generation.

So the conspiracy theory on why they are holding all this back goes something like this:

To them us knowing means loss of their jobs and profits. So, they are willing to allow us to perceive the whole thing as a conspiracy just so they can keep bilking us.

They just can’t see the forest for the trees, they can’t see the answer to the whole thing even though it’s been right there in front of their faces all along.

They wont understand that ignorance breeds contempt and conflict. Knowledge and know how on the other hand brings possibilities, solutions, usually a better economy and possibly even Evolution!

If they’d just get off their conveniently conspiracy constipated butts and go out side and smell the air, see what’s going on in the world around them, then maybe they’d cough and flinch at what they see and realize that we could use the science and technology right now!
Well, if you want to put a damper on their Enterprising Debauchery just check out this 1999 Popular Mechanics article titled “Taming Gravity”.

I don’t even find Dr. Greer’s Disclosure Project eluding to this most obvious article on what I’d have to say is our “official” break through on the subject for our planet starting to participate in the Science and Technology of “Taming Gravity”.


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