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Evolution Beyond Human: Thanks for the Comments!

My Response to Your Comments

Human Evolution Cradled in What?

Thanks for all the comments to my What does evolution doesn’t stop with humanity mean to you?” blog and for a little more food for thought they provide.

This seems to be a new subject even if the idea of evolution has been with us for – only – 100 years or so.

I can only imagine what we’ll be thinking about it in say just another 100 years let alone another millennium or so.

Currently I see us sitting on a major breakthrough in our paradigm of what we think evolution is and we’ll possibly see it sift within my life time.

I hope so, because what I see evolution to be shouldn’t be postponed.

I can only see the lottery of life needing more direction than it has now if we don’t want it to keep tipping its outcome towards disaster.

I do believe that my ideas aren’t that unique to me but rather I find that I am possibly learning to express them better than others because of my unique education and application of in my own personal life.

Hopefully, I will be able to write-up clearly my ideas good enough for publication by the time I am seventy at the latest.

It would be nice to join the ranks of someone like Nicolais Copernicus.

In any case, break through in thought usually by a crescendo of thought climaxing with the one person saying it best.

These days that usually means the mathematician – whom ever puts math to it.

That might put a damper on my wish to be the catalyst.

But hay, I’m really happy that I don’t have to think the sun is going around the earth even if my name ant Nicolais Copernicus.

So, if your up for getting on what seems to be the unavoidable roller coaster ride of evolution and our understanding of it then please by all means stop by my Yahoo! 360* or at my new website where I do most of my writing and catch the ride with me.

Maybe we’ll find that we all get off at the same stop or is that start?


~ Comments are always welcome!


2 responses to “Evolution Beyond Human: Thanks for the Comments!

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