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Steve Meyers: Proof that a car can run on water- no more gas! [Video]

Steve Meyers: H²O as fuel!

Water as fuel seems to fast becoming a common alternative to oil – as alternatives go.  Every one and their retired TV station owner seems to have their own version of doing it.

But our dependency on foreign oil threatens our National security and the World’s health.

A Steve Meyers offers his solution to this problem with his version of H²O as fuel in this News clip.  Only, there is practically no talk of HOW Steve Meyers is going to accomplish this in this video clip.

There is a lot of talk about energy consumption and the world’s desperate need to curb our appetite for it.

“We use about an Olympic size swimming pool of gas every 15 seconds, that’s nearly 250 times in an hour and most of ti is used for transportation.” David Schechter the reporter presenting the issue says.

The US is only four percent (4%) of the world’s population but we use about a quarter (¼) of the world’s fuel. Seventy percent (70%) of that is used for transportation here.

“You win the energy war by addressing transportation.” Matt Simmons says whom leads the world’s largest energy investment bank in Huston.

Randy Udall who is a major advocate of fuel efficiency says: “We got to get deadly serious about fuel efficiency”.

“In the 70’s Jimmy Carter didn’t have hybrids or alternative fuels but he still drove average fuel efficiency from 12 miles per gallon to 28 ½ miles per gallon”, David Schechter explains.

“Since I left office ah as you know the restraints have been dropped. So, now the average automobile efficiency it’s dropped down about like it was when I became President almost 25 years ago”, Jimmy Carter also explains.

It’s dropped because of our love for the SUV.  Our love affair with this vehicle and others has caused the lessening of conservation laws increasing our gas consumption and therefore our need to find alternative fuels!

Dr. Ken Keller a former president of the University of Minnesota where he now teaches energy policy.  He says it is about fuel efficiency but he also says people need to sue less gas like combining errands, sharing rides or using mass transit.

“I don’t think that we can live with total license and do anything that we want and continue to do more of it.  But I don’t think we’re talking about a future where we totally change our life style”, Dr. Keller explains.

Traditionally green issues belong to Democrats but not any more. Republican Senator Norm Collman supports tighter fuel efficiency standards and alternative fuels emphasizing the threat of being dependent on foreign oil.

This issue demands a bi-partisan approach to resolve the problems around it.  One solution was introduced in a Senate session as a policy for Ford to convert one of it’s production cars in it’s troubled St Paul plant into a hybrid car capable of using alternative fuels including electricity.

Fuel efficiency could be well over 100 miles per gallon.  Ford is not yet convinced!

It’s obvious that we will be having cars getting well over 40 miles per gallon.  The point is to do it sooner rather than latter.

Steve Meyers alternative fuel from H²O could be retrofitted to any vehicle.  It’s already there in our current technology.

And if we already have what we need to get started now he says:

“Just imagine what’s next!”

So, the question is what happened to it!?  What ever happened to Steve Meyers H²O miracle!?  Please let me know if you do!


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4 responses to “Steve Meyers: Proof that a car can run on water- no more gas! [Video]

  1. Unknown August 23, 2008 at 12:05 am

    (*^__^*) 嘻嘻……

  2. Dopey September 20, 2008 at 1:36 pm

    hi John…wehat do you think of the experiment in Geneva…rom the protons???
    have a nice weekend

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