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Yahoo! Delicious Bookmarks!?

Does anyone ever use Yahoo!’s Delicious bookmark service?

Yahoo! Delicious Bookmarks!?  -  Click to ENLARGE!

Yahoo! Delicious Bookmarks!?

I mean with their regular bookmark service available on any Yahoo! toolbar what is the point?

I guess the Internet – Information Age – game is to try all possibilities at least once to see what takes.


Now that Yahoo! Delicious Bookmarks is being sold to the makers of YouTube and their AVOS Network and should be taking effect completely this July 2011 they’re saying that we may see some new vigor in Delicious.

In particular a Firefox Extension is in the works or already available making it an asset for SEO marketers.

Originally before being a SEO marketer I just didn’t see any value in spending so much time on more than one Bookmarking service.

But now as a SEO Marketer and since Dan Thies has pointed out the value of using Delicious for quick logging, labeling, categorizing, describing  and tagging to collect pages to use for post on your own site as a link multiplier I just may get into using Delicious.

We’ll see.

Delicious “Linkrolls” also appears to be a great service Delicious offers for a way to get some mileage out of it.  Linkrolls allows you to post your Delicious Bookmarks (or the pages on the web that you like and would like to promote) into your web site either in a sidebar text widget or anywhere you can paste a bit of HTML hypertext code.

So, [for the none SEO Internet user] has Yahoo! Delicious taken for anyone?


~ Comments always welcome.


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