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“Nap without guilt: It boosts sophisticated memory”

“Nap without guilt: It boosts sophisticated memory”

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Nap Without Guilt!

… is a recent Yahoo!  News (link moved to EeZeE) article that I’ve read about the value of sleeping in particular napping to supplement ones need for rest and how this boosts sophisticated memory.When I first wrote something on this article it was because I found myself taking anywhere from 1 to 3 naps a day just to keep a focus.As an apartment manager I am physically active quit often. Then I don’t need to nap.

Without a few days of sleep one is found to “lose” it as research and old war movies like to show.

Modern as well as Traditional medicine talk of sleep as one of the fundamental pillars of Health.

Now napping may be added to this!

Business is even thinking along these lines these days and are including a quite room for employees to “Nap” 15 or so minutes during the day as needed to help keep them productive.

When I first wrote this Blog I made the statement that World War II might have been avoided if more people thought this way and only had gotten their afternoon naps in regularly.

However, as it goes the notorious Yahoo! 360* glitching monster got the best of my Blog and lost my original post in the Internet matrix somewhere “Else”.

So, I am having to “Update” this article and I may as well include my current state of experience.

That is that I’ve recently started on Thyroid medicine called Levothyroxine a synthetic hormone.

Sense taking this supplement I’ve found that instead of 1 to 3 naps a day I’m now only needing 1 nap a week.

It’s only when I’m engaged at more intellectual things like working on the computer. Then I find I need to nap if I don’t want to fall asleep at the wheel.

Recent research on sleeping indicates that sleep is necessary for the making of memory from day-to-day. The physical brain is found to be more active at night growing new neural connections thought to structure new memories from the day.

It’s quit remarkable!

The Thyroid is thought to be the granddaddy of the endocrine system controlling the activity of all other hormone making glands.

So I can see why when you bring the Thyroid hormone back to balance all the other hormones follow suite.

Levothyroxine being a synthetic hormone and not harsh chemical medicine seems to not have any side effects that they know of so far* but the benefits seem to be quit remarkable.

The energy boost that I’m experiencing is amazing and all from a simple Hormone.

I’m 52 and it’s feels like I’m 30 on this stuff!

As Patricia said on Yahoo!’s “Buzz” ones state of health and need for rest does seem to be biological – and has to do with hormone balance in the body as much as anything else.

Believe me, I’ll take my increased sophisticated memory through hormone therapy over napping any day, as long as it stays safe that is.

All that napping time can now be used for more productivity.


PS When I see my doctor again to make sure that I’m on the right dosage I’m going to have to ask her if this stuff is legal and whether or not it’s steroids or something.

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2 responses to ““Nap without guilt: It boosts sophisticated memory”

  1. Anonymous November 25, 2008 at 1:29 pm

    … yes, I do, and quite humorous. The wisdom that lives forever. I nap myself, much. Specially now, senior moments abide. Ahhhhhhhh yes, sweet life moves on. Hope all is very well with you love? Thanks for sharing this, for making me smile at the irony. Namaste.

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