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Once Again My Sentiments Toward Yahoo! Services!

Yahoo!: Slower Than Molasses In January

Yahoo! Sucks!

Yahoo! is not the fastest to follow through with their claims to keep on top of the game of being the best Internet Service Provider.  In fact after about a year of them tooting how they are all venues of Yahoo! services without making it happen I had to vent my frustrations in dealing with them.

Of course this was done through proper channels, Yahoo!’s suggestion box.

Here is my latest “Feedback” contribution to Yahoo! Services:


Please fix your messenger download page, the page isn’t loading currently, your services are scattered all over the page.

Plus, you advertise a messenger update but only offer an older version than is on my PC already for download.

Also, your bookmarks take days to update and are about as easy to content with as an unfortunate 90 year old person with Alzheimer’s.

And for someone that boost having the best software in the business and have been going to be making available an incredibly integrated Internet experience with all your services tied together making for a seamless experience throughout them – you might want to remember that you never got out of the “beta” faze of 360* before it collapsed!

Speaking of which how long have you been making these outrageous claims of yours, well lets see now, it’s New Years Eve to 2009 and we were promised this fantastic Internet feet before New Years Eve 2008.

I think that comes to well over ……………… a year now!

Someone has said that your stuck on internal politics.

I suggest that you stop playing with yourselves and start realizing that you have a real business and take care of it before you really do start to loose your client base.

Why don’t you make it a real –

Happy New Year!

– and follow through with your promises before showing everyone that they are empty – again.

Seriously Disgruntled Customer,


PS Roadrunner might not have much in the software department but at least they have to be quit a bit more consistent than you. They are starting to look more appealing especially since they are offering twice the speed for about the same price.”


PPS I’ve been with Roadrunner for about a year now.  It’s June 2011 and I’m using Google’s Gmail!  As far as the Internet connection – TURBO ROCKS – man Turbo!

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