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Understanding “Taming Gravity” – WINTERHAWK’s Perspective

Read WINTERHAWK’s post on “Taming Gravity”

(Click link above to read WINTERHAWK)

This is a pretty common topic in the mind of the world today…

the idea that we may be able to Tame Gravity or Gravity Manipulation (as the scientific community likes to call it).  Most every SciFi show and Disclosure project is about just such a thing.

Only most SciFi shows and Disclosure Projects don’t show or mention that there may be dangers to such technologyThey just show the romance of it.

WINTERHAWK’s post mentions that such technology may make nuclear weapons look like fire crackers in comparison.

I have such concerns too.

Along with this concern of using such technology of Taming Gravity or Gravity Manipulation for weaponization is the concern this technology may have on our environment.

The environmental impact of such technology may actually be more devastation than the weaponization.  Weapons of mass destruction we know we can’t use.

But we are still having a difficult time excepting the environmental impact technology has on our environment and therefore on use.

For instance what will Taming Gravity or Gravity Manipulation do to our atmosphere!

If you neutralize the earth’s pull on our atmosphere to any large extent, as a large number of Taming Gravity or Gravity Manipulation vehicles would do, what then is there to keep the atmosphere from floating away with the artificial “G” neutralizing the earth’s pull.

Six billion people quickly suffocating comes to mind!

I can’t help but think this would be a more basic concern over the other obvious disasters this kind of technology posses.

Of course that means that we will need to address these issues before ever implementing any such technology!

None the less no matter what the perils of such technology may be – weaponry and/or environmental concerns – I don’t see anyone able to or wanting to stop such advancement in our understanding and therefore technology of Taming Gravity or Gravity Manipulation.

So, I recommend reading WINTERHAWK’s post on Taming Gravity or Gravity Manipulation about this most interesting subject.

I think the more we know about this subject the quicker the safe facilitating of its implementation.

An Enlightened society will be a safer and more successful society!

Hay and the promising technology sounds FAR OUT!


PS However, WINTERHAWK’s post is a very long one. So, if you have a little PC savvy and know how to use Windows “Text to Speech” program I recommend cutting and pasting his blog into Windows “Note Pad” and letting Windows “Text to Speech” read it for you, maybe a few times at that.

If you’re just reading it on his blog you may want to “Highlight” the text to make it readable.

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