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WordPress: Forum Topic Discussion

The Pie Man Hit Me

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I posted this on the WordPress Forum a long time ago looking to get an answer.

Well I did!

Just follow the link on the Forum Discussion title below or read the re-posts of the Forum answers in the comments section.

Problems are so frustrating / Solutions are so simple!  


PS I’m still wiping the pie of my face.

Blog Editing Page Needs BIGGER Editing Window!!!!!!

You need to make your utilities more user-friendly. This is a blog service for Gods sake!

That means you spend most of your time editing in that God for saken 1 1/2 inch tall editing window of yours!  That’s just disgusting!!!  And is totally unacceptable!!!

I’m over from Yahoo! whom you know is closing their glitch ridden 360* and is only offering an anemic blog service at best in replacement.  So, I thought I’d give you guys a try to see if you offer something better.

It seems like it might have promise but you need to understand the practicalities of blogging.  I want to see what I’m working on when I’m working on it.  That means and necessitates a LARGER viewing area to edit in.

You HAVE to increase the viewing area for the blog editing page!!!!!

This is a MUST!!!!!!!!

Plus, your editing pages are very slow!  That is what happened the time Yahoo!’s 360* began glitching up the wazu!

The time taken for page loads is painful!!!

Plus, your editing tools are not quit doing everything that they are supposed to be doing.  They are glitching something that made it obvious to Yahoo! that they needed to change!

Maybe you should too!  Hopefully for the better.

I want a blog service that does what it was designed to do not just the wish of what it should do!


~Comments always welcome:

5 responses to “WordPress: Forum Topic Discussion

  1. John J Zettel April 12, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    Re-Posting Here:

    PS I didn’t get any comments here but I did get some at WordPress’ blog. Just follow the link up top at “WordPress” to get how to increase your editing window size. Problems are so frustrating / Solutions are so simple! I’m still whipping the pie of my face. (I thought it was worth repeating).

  2. John J Zettel April 12, 2010 at 8:19 pm

    OH, what the heck. Here is what “thesacredpath” posted on WordPress Forum:

    So make the window longer. There are three ways to do that.

    1. drag the right lower corner of the text window in the editor to whatever length you want

    2. Go to settings & writing and increase the number of lines to show in the editor

    3. Click on the full-screen editor icon in the toolbar (the blue looking monitor and the editor window will fill your whole freaking monitor.

    Why not just ask the question to see if there is a way instead of launching into a childish tantrum.

  3. John J Zettel April 12, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    And: From “thesacredpath” again (solution 2, possibly better than 1):

    Here’s an even better suggestion.

    If you are using Windows, download the free Windows Live Writer blog client. It has many features that are not available here right now, and since it is on your computer, it saves very quickly. It will even upload images for you that you put into your posts and saves a copy of the post right on your computer so you always have a copy. When you are ready to publish your post, simply click the “publish” button and it will connect to WordPress and publish your post.

    The system is more responsive at different times of the day due to server loads, and also due to loads on the internet and your ISP. It isn’t all WordPress. There are literally hundreds of things between you and WordPress that can slow things down.

  4. John J Zettel April 12, 2010 at 8:23 pm

    From “panaghiotisadam”:

    Settings > Writing > Size of the post box.

  5. John J Zettel April 12, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    Finally from “raincoaster”:

    If you want a particular feature in blogging software, it’s a good idea to search the forum and see if that feature already exists.

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