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Dennis Lee’s World of Better Alternatives!?

Dennis Lee Claims To Have Free Energy

Dennis Lee Next To Free Energy

If you can get past the controversy surrounding Dennis Lee and his Christian Fundamentalism you’ll find a message of universality encompassing not only the current need of better and wiser technologies to save our world as offered in his magenergy or magnet motors and other alternatives but you’ll also find the promotion of the universal fundamental observation to every tradition out there of “MORALITY”.

My personal understanding about the concept of morality seems that even though it has been cloaked in the mysteries of tradition thus obscuring the obvious common sense of it that there is more profound science behind this concept then any tradition could possibly imagine before today.

Not only is the obvious principle of conservation involved with it but also the so far obscure relation between morality and the relationship between the microcosmic and macro-cosmic versions of creation; the microcosmic version of creation being human sexuality and the macro-cosmic version of creation being the Big Bang – both being a monogamous phenomena of ‘micro to macro’ creating – LIFE.

And traditions are always making sure to point out what science is beginning to discover and make obvious that we have to answer to the Cosmic Version of Creating first before we can secure our own personal version of pro-creating.

So, if you can see through Dennis Lee’s jargon you should find a poignant message with a lot of inspiration for our age and worth listening to.

I highly recommend listening to Dennis Lee’s Better World Alternatives following the links to his video presentation on his site to hear for yourself what Better World Alternatives are likely in store for us!


PS Of course his products need to live up to their expectations.

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