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Discovery of The Unified Field as Consciousness [Video]

Dr. John Hagelin again explains Consciousness as the Unified Field 

Equating Consciousness to the Unified Field led me to my concept of Species Universe or discovering the Universe as a Species.

Getting Science to “Official” recognize this Equation (if it exists) will change the course of History obviously.

In the mean time one can conjecture what the implications of such an equation of Consciousness to the Unified Field might be.

One doesn’t have to go to far to find a way to do this.  Quantum mechanics seems to be coming to the rescue for such an endeavor with it’s founding Uncertainty Principle requiring Consciousness to collapse the wave function of probabilities.

However, before we get into that lets see if there is a president addressing the concept of this equation.

Yes, of course there is.  John Hagelin himself addresses just this equation of Consciousness to the Unified Field in the video above as in many if not most of his videos.

The Vedic tradition had elaborated just such an equation giving us our planet’s very first Tradition, the Vedic Tradition.  It’s implications are lead out in the entire Vedic Tradition.

Mind over matter seems to be the ultimate implication of this equation and gives us the likes of the Patangali Yoga Sutras explaining the results of “Getting” this equation.  It’s pretty much means realizing the ultimate “Truth” which includes achieving what Christ and all Saints do, Spiritual abilities as a part of Enlightenment.

However, doing this equation from the perspective of science means something completely different than what Traditions have done.

Traditions rely on faith, science does not or should not have to.

That means objectifying the “HOW” of Saintliness (how to make a Saint) which for me can’t happen to soon!

I see one of the first consequences of Science getting this equation is that we should begin seeing why our traditions are what they are and what they will become now that we know what makes them.

So, Science once again is finding its self leading us too new heights of understanding and experience not attainable without it’s unique perspective of objectifying the total Subjective experience.

I will be using such videos to support my own writing on the subject and to begin to innumerate the consequences of such an equation; the ultimate consequence being discovering the Universe as a species or Species Universe.

You therefore might want to watch this video for yourself to keep up with the direction that time is taking for us all.

And make sure to follow me on my site Species Universe where I am working out the simply obvious yet far reaching consequences of equating Consciousness to the Unified Field.


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2 responses to “Discovery of The Unified Field as Consciousness [Video]

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  2. dimitrisnowden June 15, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    Thanks for including my post as a related article! Understanding this along with the magic of the 11th dimension seems to still limit our consciousness within the realm we dwell. We simply cannot understand reality outside our own just as a fish will never understand flight.

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