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“Scientists create a living organism”

Bacteria From Chemicals

Biologist Craig Venter claims to have made micro-organisms – bacteria from chemicals.

“We’ve been digitizing biology and now we’re trying to go from that digital code to a new phase of biology of designing and synthesizing life”, Biologists Craig Venter says.

We’ve always been asking big questions…

Big Questions

  • What is life?
  • Can we pare it down to its most basic components?
  • Can we digitize it?
  • Can e generate life or generate new life out of the digital world?

In the TED video above Biologists Craig Venter explains how science has gotten to the most fundamental building blocks of creation through digitizing genomes of simple organisms like viruses.

“We have passed through a critical psychological barrier. It has changed my thinking, both scientifically and philosophically, about life, and how it works.”, Biologists Craig Venter told the FT.

This is where the research become exciting for the biologists.

Through digitizing the genome they were able to begin synthesizing genome sequences of these simple viral organisms. Even though the start of synthesizing genomes was difficult biologists eventually were able to sequence large parts of viral genomes.

Accomplishing this they then injected this man-made sequenced viral genome into an e coli bacteria where it became active replicating itself which in turn left the bacteria only to come back and kill the e coli bacteria.

The biologists can carry out this sequencing process in e coli bacteria up to no larger than 100,000 sequences after which the process breaks down.

“Homologous Recombination In Vitro” is another biological mechanism discovery in biology used to re-sequence shattered DNA genomes.

In fact genome sequences hit with 3 million rads of radiation and shattered to pieces recombined by using this Homologous Recombination In Vitro process within 12 to 24 hours.

There are 1000s of organisms that can do this.  These organisms can be totally desiccated, they can live in a vacuum.

“I am absolutely certain that life can exist in outer space, move around, find a new aqueous environment; in fact NASA has shown a lot of this out there”, Biologist Craig Venter says.

Biologists are also finding that species are taking up a second or third chromosomes adding thousands of new traits to that species in a second. This is a new discovery of a major evolutionary mechanism employed by nature.

“So, people who thought of evolution as one gene at a time have missed a major part of biology”, Biologist Craig Venter continues.

Restriction enzymes digest DNA. When injected into a cell a genome having these restriction enzymes will destroy genomes that don’t taking over the cell duplicating its own genome structure expressing its own traits thus converting the cell into a new cell.

Why do we do this?

Because, we are going from 6.5 billion people to 9 billion people within the next 40 years. We now have 3 for every 1 we had in 1946, the year Biologists Craig Venter was born. In 40 years that will be 4 to 1.

We have a hard time feeding everyone today and providing enough fuel. The challenge is only going to get harder with 9 billion people unless we look for new ways of doing things.

Currently biologists are focusing on fourth generation bio-fuels that are sugar too much higher value fuels like octane and butanol.

But the only way we biologists can have an impact on the fuel supply without further increasing the cost of food and limiting its availability is if we can start with CO² as it’s feed stalk. We’re working with cells down these lines and we should have the first of these second and third generation fuels available within 18 months.

Biologists Craig Venter explains that biology can do in a short time what all science has done in the last 20 years combined advancing productivity in many fields as explained in the list below.

Future uses of Synthetic and Engineered Species

  • Increase basic understanding of life
  • Replace petrol-chemical Industry
  • Become a major source of energy
  • Enhance Bio-remediation
  • Drive antibiotic and vaccine discovery and production

“We truly have modest goals of replacing the entire petrol Industry”, Biologists Craig Venter exclaims.

Making instant sets of vaccines is another goal by building combinatorial vaccines in advance.

Biologists can enhance and speed up the evolution on the single cell level taking advantage of it to further our survival.

We’re ways away from improving people, our goal is just to make sure that we have a chance to survive long enough to maybe do that!, Biologists Craig Venter concludes.

What does it do for you?

For me it only confirms my background supporting that Consciousness equates to the Unified Field, TOE – Theory of Everything, M-Theory or source of life.

Master Awareness, Master Creation!

Species Universe.


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