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Environmental Influences of “Taming Gravity”?! – II –

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Here is an email that I’ve been able to send to History Channel.  I have written them about why I think we aren’t seeing the technology of “Taming Gravity” come out at this time.

I think Environmental factors and possible Terrorist issues misusing new technologies that “Tame Gravity” may be major reasons if not the reasons we aren’t seeing this kind of technology come out at this time.

Anyone relating to this point of view that thinks it is a good one to make is encouraged to send History’s – UFO Programs (select: “Programming/Program Comments” and “Comment” under “I have a: Question or Comment”) an email encouraging them to make a program relating these issues for all to see. 

 Using your own words would be the best but if you want to cut and paste mine adding that you agree with this point of view and want to see a show on it would be great!


Dear History Channel,

Sense you don’t seem to have individual email addresses for each show, I’ll send this here for your “UFO Hunter” show and “The History of UFOs” and for “Ancient Astronauts“:

Dear UFO Programmed Shows,

You guys must have come across Dr. Ning Li and her article in Popular Mechanics “Taming Gravity”.

This is must read for anyone serious about disclosing the realities behind the UFO phenomena!

I can hardly imagine anyone reading her article and not coming away from it realizing that she must be our planets official break through on the subject of “Taming Gravity”.

You must have also found this blog post on Dr. Ning Li for everyone interested in her and her research.

You would then know that her story is right up your – hidden government cover up – ally with her disappearing in 2001 after accepting half a million dollars from the US military.(I recommend reading through the entire blog post).

The story on her would have to be one of your greatest shows if not also the most important.

The only show more important than this one would have to be the show on the “Environmental Influences” of “Taming Gravity”.

What I can’t get is why there hasn’t already been a show out there talking about the environmental influences and consequences of manufacturing / manipulating gravity as Dr. Ning Li’s research suggests.

You know there must be some!  In fact, if you think about it just maybe this has something to do with why there is no official contact yet!

Just think what would happen if you had 13,000,000 artificial gravity vehicles lifting off the ground at the same time neutralizing that much of the planet’s gravity.  Remember this is the same earth’s gravity that not only holds the tech tonic plates in place but also holds the lava below them in place.

Vulcanization comes to mind, as devastating as what has occurred in ancient Siberia.

Even if vulcanization wouldn’t occur what happens when 13,000,000 terrestrial gravity making vehicles neutralize the earth’s gravity on the atmosphere itself, i.e., the air we breathe.

Six billion people might swiftly find it hard to breathe and quickly suffocating within a matter of minutes!?

So, why wait for someone else to make the show on these factors around the UFO Phenomena, why not be the first to address them.  Get way out ahead in front of the pack!  “You know we said it first here on our show!”, you’ll be able to say.

And if Environmental Influences isn’t enough of a subject for a break through show why not throw in the “Terrorist” Factor!

Now think what would happen if a terrorist got a hold of a machine and/or vehicle that could put all that 13,000,000 vehicles gravity “pump” into one single gravity “pump”.  Something a little more devastating than crop circles I imagine; probably more along the lines of turning people into pancakes or causing California to quickly slip into the ocean.

And in a world that knows nothing about these consequences “who would know” who did it?

Why do you think there is so much security around this subject?  You think it’s only economics!

No, it has to also be because of these two factors, the “Environmental factor and the Terrorist factor”.

Does this mean we should give up the notion of “Taming Gravity”?  Have we given up on nuclear?  No!  We always take on the impossible and usually concur it.  Why would “Taming Gravity” be any different?

Obviously, just like someone as prominent as Dr. Kaku saying they – aliens are there I also am convinced that we are not alone and that we are most likely being visited by aliens from other worlds much further along on the evolutionary scale than we are.

So, that means that it’s probably a safe guess to say that they – the aliens have made the use of manufacturing / manipulating gravity as Dr. Ning Li’s research suggest – SAFE – ; certainly for interplanetary and interstellar travel.

However, terrestrial use of this kind of “Taming Gravity” technology as suggested by Dr. Ning Li may not be terrestrial environmentally friendly, certainly not as our future “Car”. (Hint: Make a show about that!)

But the only way we can get past this point of concern to implement this kind of technology that would cause someone as open and prominent as Dr. Ning Li being pulled would be to educate the population of the world on this subject.

How could you guys not want to be the first to expose this angle on the subject of environmental influences and consequences, and the terrorist’s factor?

It would have to be the most important show ever aired on the subject!

We now know that “Environmental Influences and the Terrorists Factor” have to do with the basic proper implementation of any technologies these days!

So, let’s see a program using all your special effects resources to not only showing “HOW” “Taming Gravity” works but also to show the “Environmental Influences and the Terrorists Factor”.

Be the First!

Or are you guys afraid of the Men in Black!?


PS You got to get, we’ve seen enough of the chasing the “Mystery” approach.  Now try answering the questions! Maybe you’ll get a bigger if not better audience!

~Comments always welcome:


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