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What’s the Big Deal with Transcendental Meditation? (via Popular Meditation Techniques)

What’s the big deal with Transcendental Meditation?

Well put simply, It Works!

Sonia in her post here is talking about the Transcendental Meditation program’s staying power to keep rearing its head as the program of choice for Meditation.

In its most recent incarnation it’s being disseminated by David Lynch the famous movie script writer. His push is to offer the TM program to all educational facilities throughout the world. Credited to his efforts or effortlessness as the practice goes are over 100,000 students whom have learned the practice in South America, the US and other parts of the globe far and wide.

Being someone who learned meditated as a student myself back in the high day of 1973 and who is meditating to this day I’d have to say that I’m more of a student of the practice today than when I first learned it.

I can’t imagine going a day without it, since it kind of not only sets things right for the rest of the day but it kind of set the rest of your life right every day, twice a day.

For me Enlightenment is always In!

So, I get the inspiration to want to extol the practice. And that’s why I’m reposting Sonia’s post here!

I hope you catch the bug! It’s a beautiful one!


What's the Big Deal with Transcendental Meditation? Transcendental Meditation What is the big deal with Transcendental Meditation anyway? Nowadays, it seems like all the celebrities are either practicing it or giving concerts to support it. Just recently, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr reunited and gave a concert in New York City to raise funds in support of Transcendental Meditation! So, I s … Read More

via Popular Meditation Techniques

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