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Blog Disclaimer!?

Blog Disclaimer!?

Blog Disclaimers - Keeping it Phishy Free

I’ve recently looked into ways to bring traffic to my Web Sites including my Species Universe web page., one of the sources I looked into for doing this recently brought to my attention that the FTC (that’s Federal Trade Commission) is beefing up their Affiliate Disclaimer requirements so TakeOverPageOne provided a link to Jim Edwards site where he is interviewing Rich Cleland from the FTC.

Jim covers a question and answer session with Rich making sure that we know the latest on being LEGAL.

I’m making this link available here also and I highly recommend giving it a listen to help make sure that you are also up to date on these requirements.  The link is:

Q&A with the FTC about Bloggers, Affiliates, Advertisers and more…

They discussed the basics that you need to include a disclaimer in your advertising so not to mislead consumers in what your product is all about.  Also included is the recommendation for us bloggers to include a “Blog Disclaimer”.

As the newbie blogger I am the idea of needing a Disclaimer didn’t even occur to me.  But once listening to this discussion I felt the need to include a Disclaimer on my sites.  I found a Disclaimer plugin for my own domain sites that is pretty commonly used.

For my John’z Place site I did a little searching and came upon this humorous Disclaimer from the Google Blogger Herche site that I am linking to my Archived version here.

The Disclaimer is quite Humorous and I find reading it inspiring enough for me to work on making my very own Disclaimer (even if not funny).  I’m working on that but in the mean time While I use the plugin for my own domain sites Herche made it clear that anyone can use his Disclaimer as their own as long as you give Herche credit for making it.

So, follow this link to my Archived version of Herche’s Humorous Disclaimer and have a good laugh on Herche.

Herche’s Blog Disclaimer



PS I do want to point out that since I found Herche’s Humorous Blog Disclaimer Herche has since made his blog private and gaining access to this Disclaimer through his site is not possible unless receiving a personal invitation from Herche himself to join his Google Bloggers Blog.

In the mean time I do not know if that means he has changed his mind on whether or not you can use his Disclaimer as your very own.  I’m still making it available here and until I hear from Herche to the contrary I don’t know any better.

So, the Disclaimer is going to need a s Disclaimer its self apparently.

This Disclaimer is available at your own risk and I can not be held accountable if Herche would find you some day and hang you up by your thumbs until you stop using it or to make sure that you do.

Que Sera Sera..

~Comments always welcome:


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