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National Arbor Day Foundation


Half Moon Birch Road

Hi All,

I sent this email to my brother Paul because of his interest in planting some Paper Birch trees in his yard.  A couple of the trees there now are either getting to old and pose the danger of falling or they are just over running the back yard.  It’s time to add something new to the yard, he says.

I wanted to suggest to him an organisation I used several years ago but I couldn’t remember the name.  So, I did a little research when I got back home after a fantastic Thanks Giving meal (as usual) with the clan having loads of Holiday fun.

Why waste all that research on only my brother when I can also share it here with you.  So, please read the email and follow the links for some inspiring info on something new to do with your back yard.  Hopefully you’ll find something useful in it and If you do maybe you’ll want to send the link along for someone else to see.  You can either email it or just repost this blog.


Hi Paul,

I remembered the name of the organization for the trees and it came to me right when I was biting into one of your buns. Yummy.

The Arbor Day Foundation is the name, is their site and you’ll find what I think is the traditional birch tree you’re looking for HERE – called the Paper Birch.  It has the typical white trunk that is so familiar with the birch tree.

Arbor Day has three different birch tees listed HERE.  They all look good, the Yellow Birch (click on “More Photos”) seems to be the biggest, the River Birch (click on “More Photos”) has a reddish bark and is the only birch included in the Ten Free Trees for $10.00 (free?) – (Select “Ten Tree Mix” – click on “more” to see the complete collection which includes one River Birch).


PS Ten Free(?) Trees might not all fit in one back yard but some of them may make nice gifts for other back yards.  OH, becoming a member by doing the $10.00 for 10 trees, etc. will also lower the cost of purchasing other trees like the Paper Birch.  You’d get the River Birch in the $10.00 for 10 trees and then you could purchase the Paper Birch at a descent discount.

PPS Hope that helps.

PP PS If you’re getting more than one of these emails it’s because I hit send three times before it finally appeared to send here.

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