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Houses in Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa

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1. Fairfield in 2003 received the Most Entrepreneurial
City in the Country Award for under 10,000 Population

from the National Association of Small Communities.

2. It received, in 2004, the Most Entrepreneurial
Community in Iowa Award from the Community
Vitality Center of Iowa State University. It also won one
of the Great Places in Iowa awards, a prestigious
honor from the state recognizing the most unique
and successful Iowa cities.

3. In the past 25 years, 400 new companies have been
started here, creating 3000 new jobs.

4. In the past 15 years, 250,000 sq ft of new office
building have been added.

5. Three companies in the past 15 years have been sold
to Fortune 500 companies.

6. $200 million in venture and angel capital has been
invested in Fairfield/MVC over the last 30 years for
start-ups and to fuel developing companies.

7. The GNP of Fairfield/MVC is $600 million dollars a

8. 40% of all venture capital invested in Iowa during
the 1990′s was invested in Jefferson County, home to

9. The whole city is currently being wired with state
of the art fiber optic able which delivers super-fast voice,
data and video from one company. The Internet connection
will be 100 mps. The average Internet speed is 3 mps.
This high-speed internet service has already attracted
some companies to relocate here.

10. This Fall, the city is opening up a 7.2 million sq
ft Civic Center, called the Stephen Sondheim Center for
the Performing Arts. This is only the second theater in
the world—the other being in London— which bears
Sondheim’s name with his blessings. It includes a
525-seat theater.

11. The city has hosted an active entrepreneurial
association since 1989.

12. Two Iowa governors have called Fairfield/MVC the
entrepreneurial capital of Iowa and a model for small
towns everywhere.

13. Some of the companies in Fairfield/MVC include:
Cambridge Investments
— one of the largest
independent financial brokers in the country.

Marathon Foto —one of the two largest event
photographers in the country.They photograph the
New York marathon, among others.

Danaher Oil — the largest oil broker in the Midwest.

Creative Edge —the largest company in the U.S.
utilizing state of the art water jet technology to cut
commercial and residential stone.

Hawthorne Direct — one of the largest infomercial
producers in the country and recipient of numerous
national awards for it’s creativity and success.

All of these companies were started by people
practicing Transcendental Meditation —TM. Extensive
research on TM shows that it leads to greater
creativity and intelligence, the two factors that fuel
business success. The owners of these companies have
been meditating for an average of over 25 years.

Fairfield/MVC is the headquarters of Transcendental
Meditation in the country; also the center of Maharishi Ayurveda,
with a world-famous Ayurveda Health Spa (The Raj); and
the center of burgeoning Vedic Architecture, which aligns
buildings with the forces and cycles of Natural
Law for maximum health and prosperity.

It is home to the only university in the world,
Maharishi University of Management, or MUM, that gives
its students a brain integration report card
that measures a student’s EEG coherence over the
academic years— with research already showing that
TM increases brain-wave coherence. Over the
past decade, the National Institutes of Health have
awarded MUM more than $20 million in grants to
study the effects of TM on health,
while 600 prior
research studies have documented benefits of the
practice in virtually every area of life.

Students and town meditators gather twice daily in two
beautiful Golden Domes of Pure Knowledge to practice TM. An
ancient Vedic astrological observatory has been recreated in
Maharishi Vedic City
and is one of the highlights of visitors tours.

The university’s cafeteria was the first in the
country to offer an all-vegetarian organic menu, with
the major part of the food grown locally in giant greenhouses.
MUM is in the vanguard of green sustainability
programs, with a number of buildings that operate
completely “off the grid” through day-lighting, insulation, and
solar panels
. A huge new Student Union, nearing completion,
goes “beyond green” in cutting-edge technology.

Students at K-12 Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment
also practice Transcendental Meditation and have a stunning
record of awards and achievements.

The First Friday of every month in Fairfield is
devoted to an Art Walk, which attracts thousands of
people from around the state—there are over 25
art galleries located around the town square. There
are two theater companies active in the city, and the
Fairfield Concert Association has been bringing top-rated
music and other cultural events to town for more than
half a century.

Come visit this Mecca of business and culture. I’ll be
happy to help you with more background info and in
setting up personal or phone interviews. And if this is not
quite right for you, please forward it to one or more of
your colleagues—with my appreciation!


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