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Archive: “Maharishi Inaugurates Administration through Silence” – By Global Good News Service

Maharishi Inaugurates Administration through Silence

By Brad Mylett
Global Good News Service

22 November 2007

Maharishi Mehesh Yogi

Maharishi Mehesh Yogi

Having done complete justice to the teachings of his spiritual Master, Shri Guru Dev, for over fifty years, which has changed the destiny of the human race and secured invincibility for every nation, Maharishi inaugurates Administration through Silence, which he has defined as-‘the most ideal adorable system of administration which is spontaneously and all the time conducted through the innumerable values of creativity on the level of Veda.’

In an historic address on 22 November, MERU, Holland, Maharishi disclosed to the First European Parliament of National Leaders of the Global Country of World Peace, that the supreme goals of his Spiritual Regeneration Movement are fulfilled.

‘You are 192 Super(powers). When we say ‘Super’, then the whole thing becomes unified. No more 192 countries, but one Global Country administered by Total Administrative power, and Total Administrative Power is in two sections-Total Knowledge and Total Activity. Gyan Shakti, Kriya Shakti.

‘So, what I am feeling just now, with the opinion of all the Europe rising to Invincibility, that Kriya Shakti has started to show its performance. Kriya Shakti divided in 192 sections, has worked out its own unification. United Nations for the world. But in actuality, it was still disunited. Now, somehow, somehow, the Gyan Shakti is awake. And Gyan Shakti waking up is, Kriya Shakti woken up. Gyan Shakti, Kriya Shakti.

‘And I feel, I feel now, that having been active for all these 50 years, the Kriya Shakti has woken up, and has started to show the evidence of its waking up. At least, 24 countries are invincible out of 192. So I am tempted to tell you my feelings, that with 24 countries rising to invincibility, and with all these Rajas and the National Leaders, during the next week, the Rajas will take over the Kriya Shakti in silence.

‘So I am thinking of shifting my role from Kriya Shakti to Gyan Shakti, because I feel the awakening of Kriya Shakti has been through my basing the Kriya Shakti in the Gyan Shakti.

‘People opened up to their self-referral intelligence, and now-enough. Enough, I say. But not complete yet, in my assessment. Quite a lot of Kriya Shakti is woken up on the basis of, I’ll say, one tenth or, accurately, we say one fourth, of the Gyan Shakti, and I feel now responsible to make that one fourth of Gyan Shakti, should be raised to 100% Gyan Shakti.

‘And how it is going to be done?

‘The field of Gyan Shakti which we have realized to be Veda, and Veda we have realized to be the flow of Atma. And the flow of Atma, has been put to practice from the level of Kriya Shakti. Transcending. Transcending into the first stage of transcending, second stage of transcending. Consciousness-getting to consciousness, getting to Transcendental Consciousness, and its telling the transcendental consciousness to make it function. Enabling the Transcendental Consciousness to function, through our intention on it. Now the Gyan Shakti, to be fully 100% awake, what is needed is, a remaining of the intellectual understanding, and I want to devote my time to that. And that, in simple words is, bringing out the commentary of the Veda.

‘I have not yet spelled out in complete clarity, from A to Z, the flow of the Veda in terms of the flow of 8 Prakritis. But whatever has been done, amounts to maybe 10%, 8%, 4%, whatever percent, a part of the Total Knowledge aspect of it, even a part of Total Knowledge unfolded has unfolded.

‘Along with its unfoldment, the Kriya Shakti, and I see that the Kriya Shakti is in good hands. Rajas Conference will be from tomorrow, and I’m going to finally lay out my intellectual understanding and from that level I think, I have created a competent body to continue reinforcing action. Continue Kriya Shakti. The body of the Rajas, and so many Yogic Flyers, Ministers, all that, will continue on the Kriya Shakti, and I’ll devote my time, whatever is left, in the unfoldment of pure Gyan Shakti.

‘And this will be, I’ll have to lay out all the details of how Atma flows in terms of the Veda, how the first letter of Atma is the flow of total Veda, and how total Veda, on the level of knowledge, how it flows in the diversity of knowledge. All the Veda expanding to become the universe. How knowledge expands from its compactified state in one syllable, ‘A’ to ‘Ma’, and Atma to Veda, Veda to Vishwa-the Universe. The intelligence part of it.

‘Kriya Shakti has been witnessed, as there are enlightened individuals in the world, all the Rajas, and more Rajas will come, and more Rajas will come. And more thoroughly, the administration of the universe on the physical level will be completely automatically growing from day to day, from day to day, from day to day.

‘Now, so far, 24 countries are invincible. We want to hear all the 192 countries together have risen to a state of invincibility. But it will need, it will need the theory of it to be brought to the awareness of those who will be engaged in the field of action, action. To know the Gyan Shakti, I know how many pockets of different values of Gyan Shakti have to be brought to light, and have to be put together in one glass of every Raja.

‘Rajas been trained so far to carry the, to carry the Kriya Shakti. And they will control the Kriya Shakti, by being themselves four hours morning and evening. Themselves, and that will continue to strengthen that Kriya Shakti, Kriya Shakti. But I have to give them, and I know what are the values of separate, separate values of Gyan Shakti, that have to be put together, and that will be by bringing to light the different values, the different united values of the Gyan Shakti. ‘So in simple words-I will devote my time in the, in the commentary of the Veda.

‘I have done Commentary on Bhagavad Gita. It’s a compactified state of Gyan Shakti, Kriya Shakti, Gyan Shakti, Kriya Shakti. I have to open the petals of knowledge, that are still calling me to put the attention and open, open the lotus flower petals and bring the petals in the opening. Nothing should remain hidden from view, either from the level of Being, from the level of intellect, from the level of mind, from the level of behavior. All these different values of knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, knowledge. So, I’ll be, just an example, the lotus petals are closed. They will open up, and they only can be opened up, from inside.

‘Lotus petals have to be opened from inside, from the gap within, which is level of pure knowledge, opening will be through the Kriya Shakti. But something has to be there, for Kriya Shakti to be, to be opening, opening, opening. And this will be intellectual understanding of the whole Kriya Shakti. Why Kali-Yuga came? Kali-Yuga came, Kriya Shakti became blurred, nobody knew what to do, everyone lost his Dharma, and losing Dharma, all suffering and all kinds of negativity all come up. This is because of the loss of Gyan Shakti, and loss of Gyan Shakti is a loss of the intellectual level.

‘And that I hope to do in one or two years, if time is allowed. That I am going to undertake to do, after expressing great satisfaction for those who are upholding the fort on the level of Kriya Shakti, Kriya Shakti, Kriya (Shakti).

‘And we’ll have Gyan Shakti floating strengthening, as Gyan Shakti blossoms on the surface of the world consciousness, and Gyan Shakti blossoms. And for Gyan Shakti to blossom, I have only to indicate-it’s not my intelligence that will do it, it’s just the what I see I speak, that’s all. What I see, I speak. So I have to speak what the Veda blossoms into Vishwa, what Atma blossoms into the Veda, what Veda blossoms into Atma on this side, and what Atma blossoms into? Brahm. Saguna Brahm. And Saguna Brahm blossoms into Nirguna Brahm. So Nirguna Brahm, Saguna Brahm, Atma, Veda, Vishwa, all expressions of the pure intelligence, Gyan Shakti. This, I have to give to the world, and that will be my total contribution. The day will not be long, because the Kriya Shakti is lively, that will take me just to say what I see. Say what I see.

‘So that is the career that I have designed for myself. Gyan Shakti to blossom in its full. And as Gyan Shakti will blossom, Kriya Shakti will naturally be more and more blossom. So I, from my side, have won half the race, and I’ll win the other half. But all of you are the winners of the race. You go ahead, go ahead, go ahead, go ahead, and on the same line you will see, that nothing is obscure to you.

‘And all glory of Guru Dev, all glory of Guru Dev. All glory of Guru Dev. We are halfway achievement of our target. We are halfway achievement of our target. Halfway achievement of the target of Guru Dev’s grace, is Brahma, Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnur, Gurur Devo Maheshwarah, this much we have achieved. What we have to achieve? Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnur, Gurur Devo Maheshwarah, Guruh SAKSHAT Param Brahma, we have to SEE Brahma. Sakshat. Personally, purely, clearly, vividly, we have to, yet, SEE the grace of Guru Dev.

‘So, I’ll be keep on doing Puja, Puja, Puja, Puja, and the last target of Guru Dev’s Grace will be in our vision. And that will be, that will be, the bell of invincibility in time. That our Communication Minister has started to ring. Very well doing, very well doing. So expressing my confidence on the achievements of all the enlightened nations in the world, twenty-four, they’ll grow into 192, and we’ll have laid a complete, complete, deep, never-shakeable foundation of invincibility in the changing times and all that, all that, all that.

‘So this is my, this is my feeling that has started, and I have expressed to you with all the admiration of your achievements of the Kriya Shakti.

Jai Guru Dev.’

The clapping at the close of this meeting is as long or longer as on that historic day of 27 December 1957, when Maharishi first founded his worldwide Movement to spiritually regenerate mankind.

Copyright  2007 Global Good New(sm) Service.

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