John'z Place

1st name is John; last name begins with Z; therefore it's John'z Place

John’z Place: Fishing for the Truth

Here at John’z Place we’re always Fishing for the Truth

So I decided to put it in the Header My New Header for John'z Place

With a little help from and a great instructional YouTube video by TheWordPressAcademy on how to make Headers using I was able to come up with this nice little new Header for my web site here on WordPress John’z Place.

Fishing for the truth just seems to capture the attitude of most bloggers and certainly this one.

It could be about my first ever blog inquiring what “One Word” you thought describes everything going on around you best (my word then was “Now”, it’s changed) or about the discovery of the relationship between IQ and Diet (higher IQs are associated with vegetarian diets research shows – there is hope for me, I’m a vegetarian) or about the glitched plagued Yahoo! 360* (remember Yahoo! 360*, such a promising failure) or about using the glitched plagued Yahoo! 360* to listen to Sarah Brightman singing “It’s Time to Say Goodby” (but than again I never would of found WordPress if not for Yahoo! 360*’s failure, thank God for fate being unbelievably kind on occasion) or about my enthusiasm with going Green (I have to link to the “Alternatives” tag because linking to just one post doesn’t cut it) or about discovering the “getting High” effect of my first use of Thyroid medicine (please only use as a doctor prescribes) or about my life long inspiration of modern science and technology (you’ll see a lot of post on Dr. Michio Kaku and his taking the esoteric to main stay science (“Aliens are real” Dr. Michio Kaku says)) or about my agreement with Dr. Michio Kaku about Aliens being real (especially in my discovering a Dr. Ning Li and her research in Electrogravitics (the proper word for artificial gravity) as described in the 1999 Oct Popular Mechanics issue article “Taming Gravity” or about the statement by the Catholic church it’s OK to believe in Aliens and what it means to me (to me it means Evolution doesn’t stop with Humanity) or about my own lifetime practice of Transcendental Meditation which unquestionably gets to the Ultimate Truth behind Everything making tying it all together a snap (many posts cover this most Enlightening and pressing matter)!

So, for what ever reason you have been brought here I hope finding a little more of Truth is what comes of it!


PS OH, just in case you didn’t see the new header I made up above, here is the finished product once again for your viewing pleasure.

~Comments always welcome:

My New Header for John'z Place

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