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Private: Archived Posts… [Disclaimer]


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You will find in some of my posts that I have links to “Private: Archived…” posts.

These are articles from either news magazines like Popular Mechanics, Scientific America, etc. or websites from sources like, or many of them may be from “Press Releases” from the Transcendental Meditation program (that I practice) emailed to me to be distributed.

The articles from magazines and websites archived by me would only be when those magazine (sites) have stopped offering the article because of their website being updated making the article I link to “out of date” and therefore unavailable or basically they have deleted that article.

I will try to find an archived version of the article on the web to link to and/or I will make my own archived copy of the article (if I have it) to link to that I make into a “Private” post.

I can’t vouch for the web archive services being 100% accurate in reproducing original article content, though I suspect that they are. However, I can vouch for mine being a complete 100% copy and paste accurate copy of the original articles that I archive on my blog here.

I am just providing them for your information purposes and as references to articles no longer available that I have found interesting and informative and worthy of passing on to you.

However, you should keep in mind that my archives are “copy and paste” duplicates from original articles and still may be susceptible to technical error.

Cross referencing them to other sources would be advised for verification purposes if you plan to use them for your own references.

All that said I hope that you’ll find the “Private: Archived…” post I offer helpful and inspiring!


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