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Archive: “Maharishi Inaugurates Administration through Silence” – By Global Good News Service

Maharishi Inaugurates Administration through Silence

By Brad Mylett
Global Good News Service

22 November 2007

Maharishi Mehesh Yogi

Maharishi Mehesh Yogi

Having done complete justice to the teachings of his spiritual Master, Shri Guru Dev, for over fifty years, which has changed the destiny of the human race and secured invincibility for every nation, Maharishi inaugurates Administration through Silence, which he has defined as-‘the most ideal adorable system of administration which is spontaneously and all the time conducted through the innumerable values of creativity on the level of Veda.’

In an historic address on 22 November, MERU, Holland, Maharishi disclosed to the First European Parliament of National Leaders of the Global Country of World Peace, that the supreme goals of his Spiritual Regeneration Movement are fulfilled.

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Archive: “Invincible America: Moving Forward Together” By Dr. John Hagelin – Invincible America

Invincible America

Invincible America: Moving Forward Together

By Dr. John Hagelin

Dr. John Hagelin

Dr. John Hagelin

Dear Fellow Governors, Sidhas and Meditators of America,

As many of you have certainly heard, our beloved Maharishi has announced that he is retiring from activity. Our great Maharishi, Jagadguru to the world, whose tireless efforts for more than 50 years have transformed the destiny of the human race, is, of necessity, retiring from his constant exertion on our behalf and on behalf of the entire world.

One week ago, on the evening of January 8, in reviewing the progress of his global Movement and surveying the growing signs of peace in the world, Maharishi declared, “Invincibility is irreversibly established in the world. My work is done. My designated duty to Guru Dev is fulfilled.” He resolved to use all his remaining time to complete his commentary on the Veda.

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Archive: “Does Time Run Backward in Other Universes?” By Sean M. Carroll – Scientific America

Does Time Run Backward in Other Universes?

One of the most basic facts of life is that the future looks different from the past. But on a grand cosmological scale, they may look the same
By Sean M. Carroll |     Comments 73

Key Concepts

  • The basic laws of physics work equally well forward or backward in time, yet we perceive time to move in one direction only—toward the future. Why?
  • To account for it, we have to delve into the prehistory of the universe, to a time before the big bang. Our universe may be part of a much larger multiverse, which as a whole is time-symmetric. Time may run backward in other universes.
Time Travel

Time Travel

The universe does not look right. That may seem like a strange thing to say, given that cosmologists have very little standard for comparison. How do we know what the universe is supposed to look like? Nevertheless, over the years we have developed a strong intuition for what counts as “natural”—and the universe we see does not qualify.

Make no mistake: cosmologists have put together an incredibly successful picture of what the universe is made of and how it has evolved. Some 14 billion years ago the cosmos was hotter and denser than the interior of a star, and since then it has been cooling off and thinning out as the fabric of space expands. This picture accounts for just about every observation we have made, but a number of unusual features, especially in the early universe, suggest that there is more to the story than we understand.

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Archive: “Zero Gravity – antigravity devices” By Corey S Powell – Discovery

Zero Gravity – antigravity devices


Image via Wikipedia

New schemes to float free aren’t just science fiction

In her laboratory at the University of Alabama, Ning Li tinkers time and again with a device she believes will transform the world. Tanks of liquid nitrogen and a clumsy array of plumbing surround a chamber in which the temperature has been reduced to 390 degrees below zero. Inside, a disk of an exotic ceramic material that’s about the size of a phonograph record spins rapidly. Levitated by powerful magnets, the disk floats in midair. The contraption may not look like much, but Li insists that the data she is gathering could rid mankind of the shackles that bind us to the planet. “It could change everything,” she says. “Current industry will vanish from the face of the Earth!” A practical antigravity device could allow rockets without propellant or power plants that run without fuel. Li hopes to pave the way by designing an antigravity car–and thinks she can do it in a decade.

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Houses in Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa

Image via Wikipedia

1. Fairfield in 2003 received the Most Entrepreneurial
City in the Country Award for under 10,000 Population

from the National Association of Small Communities.

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Archive “Gabby’s Guide to Health & Fitness” By Gabrielle Reece – Yahoo! Health

12 Ways to Stay on Top of Stress

Gabrielle Reece

You know how you have those weeks (or maybe months or years) that just seem to be loaded with stress? I know it’s all relative — one person’s stress is another’s holiday. People with two children think having just one child is a piece of cake, and so on. I’ve had one of those weeks — I’ve been on the road a lot and dealing with an injury, work hasn’t been going my way, and my three-year-old has been possessed by an alien. And I’m not talking about a friendly alien that wants to know what this planet is all about — no, I am talking about someone who wants to launch a full-scale assault, but only in public places. To be honest, this stress has even made it more challenging to relate to my husband in a free-and-easy “girlie” way. I’ve had more tones of “wife” in my voice during this past week than I’ve had in my entire 11-year relationship.

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“Taming Gravity” Popular Mechanics

Archive: “Taming Gravity” By Jim Wilson – Popular Mechanics

By Jim Wilson
Popular Mechanics
Photo by Philip Gentry

Dr. Ning Li's "Taming Gravity"

“Taming Gravity” from Dr. Ning Li

Ever since electricity was tamed in the 19th century, the idea of manipulating gravity by altering an electromagnetic field has been the subject of intriguing experiments and occasional bursts of irrational exuberance. Physicists insist that because gravity is a basic force of nature, constructing an antigravity machine is theoretically impossible. But recently, and not without some reluctance, they have begun to consider another possibility. Several highly respected physicists say it might be possible to construct a force-field machine that acts on all matter in a way that is similar to gravity. Strictly speaking, it wouldn’t be an antigravity machine. But by exerting an attractive or repulsive force on all matter, it would be the functional equivalent of the impossible machine.

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Archive: “AMERICA IS RISING TO INVINCIBILITY” By The Maharishi Effect – MUM Press Release

Press release

November 17, 2006
For Immediate Release


Norman Zierold

Group of 1500 Advanced Meditation Experts in Iowa
Is Creating Coherent National Consciousness

Wall Street Booms, Energy Prices Plummet 25%,
Unemployment Drops, Consumer Confidence Soars,
Hurricane Season Passes without a Whimper,
and Washington, D.C., Is Transformed

This is just the beginning with a permanent group of Yogic Flyers
in America, all good will continue to come to the nation Maharishi

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Archive: “Iowa meditators shield Lebanon, rally stocks” By Marc Hansen – DesMoinesRegister

Iowa meditators shield Lebanon, rally stocks


October 24, 2006

The western front of the United States Capitol...

Image via Wikipedia

If you follow the news, you might have noticed two seemingly unrelated developments.

One, the hurricane season has been a dud. Last year, it was one killer tropical storm after another. This year, we’re still waiting for the big one to crash onto the shoreline.

The forecasts were frightening. This hurricane season was supposed to be worse than the last, when Katrina and her friends led to more than 2,000 deaths and billions of dollars in destruction.

Two, the stock market has moved into record territory, with the Dow Jones industrial average closing at 12,116.91, its best historical close.

A coincidence? No, the Maharishi Effect.

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Archive: “The Age of the Mind” By Wayne Williams – Ramp Engineer / Blogger

The Age of the Mind:

Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams

By Wayne Williams
Ramp Engineer / Blogger
Trinidad and Tobago

“dmancalledwayne” ‘s Blog:

Sometimes, it’s “just a bit of fun”; sometimes it’s rather serious. It’s whatever has to be said.

Throughout history, the periods that people lived in have been often defined as various “ages” – from your history lessons, you may no doubt recall the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Dark Ages, the Industrial Age and, more recently, the Internet or Information Age.

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