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Archive: “Belief in God ‘childish,’ Jews not chosen people: Einstein letter” By AFP – The AFP News Agency

Albert Einstein

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Belief in God ‘childish,’ Jews not chosen people: Einstein letter

LONDON (AFP)Albert Einstein described belief in God as “childish superstition” and said Jews were not the chosen people, in a letter to be sold in London this week, an auctioneer said Tuesday.

The father of relativity, whose previously known views on religion have been more ambivalent and fueled much discussion, made the comments in response to a philosopher in 1954.

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Einstein’s letter calls Bible ‘pretty childish’

I like checking my mail everyday too!

Albert Einstein on Religion

Albert Einstein on Religion

But I doubt that it will be as important as this one going up for auction that Eric Gutkind received from Albert Einstein. In it Einstein explains how un-ambivalent he can be about belief in God describing it as ‘childish superstition” and that the Jews are not the “chosen people”. 

Albert gave us this unambiguous interpretation back in 1954 in a letter to the philosopher Eric Gutkind.  This was 1 year before his death.  You know what they say when your maker is a calling: “Things sometimes tend to get in focus”. In Einsteins case I think that meant science was more important to him.

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