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Archive: “230-DAY UPDATE FROM THE INVINCIBLE AMERICA ASSEMBLY” By Invincible America – Invincible America


America’s Dramatic New Peace Outreach
To Iran, Syria, and North Korea
Due to Rise of Coherent National Consciousness
Created by Group of 1600 Advanced Meditators in Iowa

U.S. Consumer Confidence Remains High
Despite Tumult in Global Stock Markets

Dome shaped building on MUM campus, for the gr...

Associated Press: U.S. in groundbreaking talks with North Korea
—The United States and North Korea have begun unprecedented talks in New York in a first step toward normalizing ties after 50 years of tensions and cementing Pyongyang’s commitment to scrapping its nuclear arms program Washington Post: It’s called diplomacy—The clearest example of the administration’s new outreach is its turnabout on discussions with Iran and Syria about how to stabilize Iraq.

Boston Globe: Diplomacy yielding results—The Bush administration’s new emphasis on old-fashioned diplomacy with North Korea, Iran, and Syria appears to be bearing fruit.

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Conscious TV: John Hagelin – The Core of Nature (via The Uncarved Blog)

Dr. John Hagelin: Consciousness as the Core of Nature

Dr. John Hagelin - Click to Enlarge!

Dr. John Hagelin

If you’ve been following Dr. John Hagelin you’ve found that he is not only a world class physicist but also a teacher of the Transcendental meditation Program.

This combination makes him unique in the world today in that he is one of the only Physicist not only willing to talk about Consciousness but one of the only physicist capable of talking about It.

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Discovery of The Unified Field as Consciousness [Video]

Dr. John Hagelin again explains Consciousness as the Unified Field 

Equating Consciousness to the Unified Field led me to my concept of Species Universe or discovering the Universe as a Species.

Getting Science to “Official” recognize this Equation (if it exists) will change the course of History obviously.

In the mean time one can conjecture what the implications of such an equation of Consciousness to the Unified Field might be.

One doesn’t have to go to far to find a way to do this.  Quantum mechanics seems to be coming to the rescue for such an endeavor with it’s founding Uncertainty Principle requiring Consciousness to collapse the wave function of probabilities.

However, before we get into that lets see if there is a president addressing the concept of this equation.
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Dr. John Hagelin on Equating Consciousness to the TOE – Theory of Everything! [Video]

Dr. John Hagelin Equating Consciousness to the Theory of Everything

Dr. John Hagelin

Dr. John Hagelin

Here are two videos featuring Dr. John Hagelin onYouTube taken from the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know” and/or “Down the Rabbit Hole” that will be a good starting point in equating consciousness to the TOE or Theory of Everything.


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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Retires

John Hagelin Offers an Official Proclamation

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is stepping down from his active leadership role of the Transcendental Meditation Movement he established over 50 years ago to let his protegees take over the active roll while he retires into silence in order to finish his commentaries on the Veda.

Maharishi’s tireless devotion to bring Enlightenment to the world has given us the tools necessary to structure and maintain Enlightenment for all generations to come.

Dr. John Hagelin has sent us TMers his official proclamation on Maharishi’s retirement highlighting the extraordinary achievements of one mans tireless efforts to bring Enlightenment to the world.

I’m re-posting it here to share this proclamation with you to help celebrate this historic change in world affairs.  Please click on the link below.

“Invincible America: Moving Forward Together”



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Archive: New or Old? Technology For World Peace

View Dr. John Hagelin’s Urgent Message for an Invincible Nation

(Video link by Dr. John Hagelin’s portrait on the upper right hand side of page.)


Maharishi Yogic Flying Creating the “Maharishi Effect”!

This most ancient yet so currently applicable technology is being found to be the premiere solution to the worlds most pressing need for Invincibility.

The Maharishi Effect

The Maharishi Effect Saves the day!

If you’ve read on my blog and links you’ll know that I’m very much a TM Enthusiast that is Transcendental Meditation Program Enthusiast.

I’ve practiced the TM Program and advanced TM Sidhis program for a very long time, more than half of my life and I’m 52 years young and just getting started, so it feels like.

This is a good feeling by the way.

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