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Archive: “Literature masters the fourth dimension, where physics fears to tread” By John Rennie – Scientific America

Literature masters the fourth dimension, where physics fears to tread

From the June 2008 Scientific American Magazine |     By John Rennie |     Comments 1

Time travel is easy. The trick is finding a way to choose your route. Quirks of relativity aside, we never get to see the clock spin in any direction but forward and at a fixed and unvarying rate. (Illusions born of daylight savings time, inter–time zone travel and medication don’t count.) However much we might like to stop, divert or roll back time, our sense of it remains linear and progressive. Yesterday always recedes. Tomorrow draws closer.

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“Taming Gravity” Popular Mechanics

Archive: “Taming Gravity” By Jim Wilson – Popular Mechanics

By Jim Wilson
Popular Mechanics
Photo by Philip Gentry

Dr. Ning Li's "Taming Gravity"

“Taming Gravity” from Dr. Ning Li

Ever since electricity was tamed in the 19th century, the idea of manipulating gravity by altering an electromagnetic field has been the subject of intriguing experiments and occasional bursts of irrational exuberance. Physicists insist that because gravity is a basic force of nature, constructing an antigravity machine is theoretically impossible. But recently, and not without some reluctance, they have begun to consider another possibility. Several highly respected physicists say it might be possible to construct a force-field machine that acts on all matter in a way that is similar to gravity. Strictly speaking, it wouldn’t be an antigravity machine. But by exerting an attractive or repulsive force on all matter, it would be the functional equivalent of the impossible machine.

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Understanding “Taming Gravity” – WINTERHAWK’s Perspective

Read WINTERHAWK’s post on “Taming Gravity”

(Click link above to read WINTERHAWK)

This is a pretty common topic in the mind of the world today…

the idea that we may be able to Tame Gravity or Gravity Manipulation (as the scientific community likes to call it).  Most every SciFi show and Disclosure project is about just such a thing.

Only most SciFi shows and Disclosure Projects don’t show or mention that there may be dangers to such technologyThey just show the romance of it.

WINTERHAWK’s post mentions that such technology may make nuclear weapons look like fire crackers in comparison.

I have such concerns too.

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” “Backward Time” in Literature Finds Real-World Parallel ” [Video]

I Know Another Post on Time Travel, Lottie Dah …

I’m giving you a choice though. 

You can either watch the YouTube Video above with Dr. Kaku talking about Time Travel or you can read the Scientific American article that this post is based on.  It’s your choice.

But, if you’re really ambitious you can do both, watch the video and read the article.

Only one thing, I ask that you answer the POLL at the end of the post telling me which you did.  Just curious.

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“Does Time Run Backward in Other Universes?”

Time Has A Direction?

Is there only one direction to time?

The Direction of Time

This is a very interesting article from Scientific American. It’s throwing out that time’s direction may be unique to our universe and it may not be the same in other universes.

This is all great and dandy but we still need to prove that there are more than one universes first and then we can start talking about how they may differ, no?  We’ll that doesn’t seem to be going to deter scientist from conjecturing anyhow and you know what they say about conjecture don’t you.

That’s what all scientist are before they become scientist.

Anyhow, I actually did read this Scientific American monstrosity of an article all the way through and if you care to also, here it is.

“Does Time Run Backward in Other Universes?”


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Bose-Einstein Condensate Explained! [Video]

Dr. Danial Kleppner Explains the Bose-Einstein Condensate

Bose-Einstein Condensate is on the cutting edge of physics today and is fundamental to our future technologies. It will be playing the main role in Quantum Computers in our near future (20 years or so) and is the backbone of some most interesting research done by Dr. Ning Li on “Taming Gravity”.

It’s basically the LASER version of matter to what LASERS are to photons.  And scientist have an uncanny way to figure out what to do with these discoveries.

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“Taming Gravity” Follow Up!

Discovery magazine publishes Dr. Ning Li

Bose-Einstein condensate - representative imag...

Image via Wikipedia: A Bose-Einstein Condensate used in making Dr. Ning Li’s A/C Gravity

Hi Everyone,

This is a follow-up to the postTaming Gravity I did on the article from the Oct 1999 Popular Mechanics issue on Dr. Ning Li titled “Taming Gravity”.  Discover magazine offers their version of the article covering more of the History involved behind this controversial direction in science and less of the “How To” that Popular Mechanics includes specifically behind Dr. Ning Li’s research.

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