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Archive: “Literature masters the fourth dimension, where physics fears to tread” By John Rennie – Scientific America

Literature masters the fourth dimension, where physics fears to tread

From the June 2008 Scientific American Magazine |     By John Rennie |     Comments 1

Time travel is easy. The trick is finding a way to choose your route. Quirks of relativity aside, we never get to see the clock spin in any direction but forward and at a fixed and unvarying rate. (Illusions born of daylight savings time, inter–time zone travel and medication don’t count.) However much we might like to stop, divert or roll back time, our sense of it remains linear and progressive. Yesterday always recedes. Tomorrow draws closer.

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Archive: “Does Time Run Backward in Other Universes?” By Sean M. Carroll – Scientific America

Does Time Run Backward in Other Universes?

One of the most basic facts of life is that the future looks different from the past. But on a grand cosmological scale, they may look the same
By Sean M. Carroll |     Comments 73

Key Concepts

  • The basic laws of physics work equally well forward or backward in time, yet we perceive time to move in one direction only—toward the future. Why?
  • To account for it, we have to delve into the prehistory of the universe, to a time before the big bang. Our universe may be part of a much larger multiverse, which as a whole is time-symmetric. Time may run backward in other universes.
Time Travel

Time Travel

The universe does not look right. That may seem like a strange thing to say, given that cosmologists have very little standard for comparison. How do we know what the universe is supposed to look like? Nevertheless, over the years we have developed a strong intuition for what counts as “natural”—and the universe we see does not qualify.

Make no mistake: cosmologists have put together an incredibly successful picture of what the universe is made of and how it has evolved. Some 14 billion years ago the cosmos was hotter and denser than the interior of a star, and since then it has been cooling off and thinning out as the fabric of space expands. This picture accounts for just about every observation we have made, but a number of unusual features, especially in the early universe, suggest that there is more to the story than we understand.

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” “Backward Time” in Literature Finds Real-World Parallel ” [Video]

I Know Another Post on Time Travel, Lottie Dah …

I’m giving you a choice though. 

You can either watch the YouTube Video above with Dr. Kaku talking about Time Travel or you can read the Scientific American article that this post is based on.  It’s your choice.

But, if you’re really ambitious you can do both, watch the video and read the article.

Only one thing, I ask that you answer the POLL at the end of the post telling me which you did.  Just curious.

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“Does Time Run Backward in Other Universes?”

Time Has A Direction?

Is there only one direction to time?

The Direction of Time

This is a very interesting article from Scientific American. It’s throwing out that time’s direction may be unique to our universe and it may not be the same in other universes.

This is all great and dandy but we still need to prove that there are more than one universes first and then we can start talking about how they may differ, no?  We’ll that doesn’t seem to be going to deter scientist from conjecturing anyhow and you know what they say about conjecture don’t you.

That’s what all scientist are before they become scientist.

Anyhow, I actually did read this Scientific American monstrosity of an article all the way through and if you care to also, here it is.

“Does Time Run Backward in Other Universes?”


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