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Archive “Report on the Global Conference on Reconstructing the World” By Invincible America



UN, Government Leaders Offered
Comprehensive Program to Eliminate Problems
through Vedic Architecture and City Planning
in Harmony with Natural Law

To Bring Health, Good Fortune,
and Invincibility to the Nation

Dr. John Hagelin

Dr. John Hagelin

(NEW YORK) Governments can eliminate at least 50 percent of the problems of disease, conflict, and negativity in their countries by reconstructing the homes, offices, and government buildings in the nation according to the science of Vedic architecture in harmony with Natural Law.

Such a program of national reconstruction will maximize the happiness, health, and fortune of the people—and create a peaceful, prosperous nation.

This was the bold message delivered by Dr. John Hagelin, executive director of the International Center for Invincible Defense, and Dr. Eike Hartmann, Minister of Global Reconstruction of the Global Country of World Peace, during the “Global Conference on Reconstructing the World.” The conference was held on Friday, April 13, at the Global Financial Capital of New York, 70 Broad Street, in Manhattan, and was broadcast internationally via satellite and Internet webcast. (See for a replay of the conference and a schedule of upcoming conferences.)

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Archive: MUM Trustee Inaugurates The World’s largest Fortune-Creating Building


The latest developments from Maharishi University of Management u

AUGUST 22, 2008

University Website

2000 Tower Oaks Tower Companies employees

Tower Companies employees — on the day of the building’s inauguration

Times Square

Announced in Times Square

Exterior looking up pool

MUM Trustee Inaugurates

The World’s Largest


Why are delegations from around the world visiting 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard — the Washington, DC, area’s newest, totally green office building? Because the building’s health-promoting features go so far beyond green, ushering in a higher standard in workplace design.

“People intuitively know that buildings affect us. The best buildings make us feel good, and at their highest can elevate your success,” says MUM Trustee and visionary Washington-area developer Jeffrey Abramson. His newest office building, Tower II, opened July 28, 2008, and was dubbed by the news media “The World’s Healthiest Building.” The 200,000-square-foot office building is designed to meet Leed Platinum Certification, but is also a Fortune-Creating building, a design system based on the principles of Vedic architecture, which prescribes specific dimensions, proportions and eastern orientation that “connects people to the intelligence of nature,” says Abramson.

When asked by Washington Business Journal how you would recognize a Fortune-Creating building, Abramson answered, “It looks like any other glorious modern office building. What you notice is how good you feel and how you think inside this building. The human brain recognizes correct proportions and orientation, and that’s what makes you feel attracted to a space and excel in that environment.”

“It’s not how much you pay for rent,” says Abramson. “It’s what you rent that makes the biggest difference in your business. Fortune-Creating architecture will generate a higher return on rent by increasing productivity. This will revolutionize the industry, stimulating the next evolution of green.”

Earlier this month, the US Green Building Council (National Capital Region) honored The Tower Companies with the prestigious Annual Awards of Excellence Member of the Year Award for its demonstrated leadership in the green building community and was awarded 2007 DC Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year.

The building was designed by Kishimoto, Gordon, Dalaya, PC (KGD), in consultation with MUM’s master architect Jon Lipman, AIA, expert in Fortune-Creating buildings.

Selected news coverage of Tower II:

NBC: Going Green — The Tower Company’s New Building, Designed to Make You Healthy and Prosperous


BISNOW: The World’s Healthiest Building:


Washington Business Journal Interviews Jeffrey Abramson in the Daily Three feature:

Business Journal

Development Office, Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, IA 52557 641-472-1180

Vedic Architecture In Harmony with Natural Law

Maharishi Vedic Architecture or Maharishi Sthapatya Veda

Maharishi Vedic Architecture

Maharishi Vedic Architecture

Hi Everyone,

The ancient Vedic tradition seems to have covered every aspect of life. It also includes how to get the most positive influence out of your architecture.

Click on the title above to read how Maharishi Vedic Architecture or Maharishi Sthapatya Veda (the Sanskrit language description) explain that all you need is proper orientation, proportions and placement to achieve perfect health from the buildings that you live in.

Maharishi claims that through proper building design all problems in the world can be eradicated.

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