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WordPress Spell Check Not Working?


On my Species Universe site the WordPress instillation spell check doesn’t work. I am including a couple of screen shots here in order to link to from the forums where I am making my official inquiry into this issue. I didn’t see any way to include an image there so I am posting them here and linking to them from there.

Of course anyone reading this post and knows how to correct this issue can leave a comment below and/or follow the link above to where my official inquiry is and leave a response there.

Anyhow, the miss spelled words are highlighted but when right clicking on them no options for correcting the miss spelled words appears just these error messages. So, here are the images of the errors (click on the images in the gallery and/or the images below the gallery enlarging them in order to see more clearly the errors):


WordPress Spell Check Error Image 1

WordPress Spell Check Error Image 1

WordPress Spell Check Error Image 2

WordPress Spell Check Error Image 2

Again, anyone with any insights into how to correct this issue will be appreaciated sharing them here and/or on the site where I’ve made my official iquiry into this issue. Thanks.



John’z Place: Fishing for the Truth

Here at John’z Place we’re always Fishing for the Truth

So I decided to put it in the Header My New Header for John'z Place

With a little help from and a great instructional YouTube video by TheWordPressAcademy on how to make Headers using I was able to come up with this nice little new Header for my web site here on WordPress John’z Place.

Fishing for the truth just seems to capture the attitude of most bloggers and certainly this one.

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WP Plugin “Tweet This” 403 Error -Solution-!

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Anyone having the frustration of using the WordPress plugin “Tweet This” in their blog(s) and getting the error:

Tweet failed. Twitter returned HTTP 403. Check your OAuth settings and re-save this post to try again.

I don’t remember ever getting anything but this error response using “Tweet This” in spite of this plugin being recommended by a lot of successful Internet Marketers and bloggers. I was giving up hope for this plugin and just about to delete it from all my blogs.

Finally out of desperation I checked out the “Tweet This” plugin settings. I found the “Report bugs here” link at the bottom of the page and followed this link to Richard X. Thripp’s plugin page.

You can read his remarks at the top of the page about his “Tweet This” WordPress plugin for information about the plugin and how to use it.

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WordPress.orgAnyone experiencing problems using editing tools my find this helpful.  I’m re-posting here the solution I found for just such a problem.

I did get a solution to this situation, a tech at pointed out to me that the Icon at the end of the Editing toolbar opens up the second row of the Editing toolbar where lie hidden the rest of the editing tools.

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WordPress: Forum Topic Discussion

The Pie Man Hit Me

Tight Places - Click Click to ENLARGE!

I posted this on the WordPress Forum a long time ago looking to get an answer.

Well I did!

Just follow the link on the Forum Discussion title below or read the re-posts of the Forum answers in the comments section.

Problems are so frustrating / Solutions are so simple!  


PS I’m still wiping the pie of my face.

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