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About Enlightenment

This blog is going to be about my growth toward higher states of consciousness if not that then certainly about getting the benefit of practicing the Transcendental Meditation program as prescribed.

In particular I will be describing my realization of Equating Consciousness to the Unified Field, Unified Field Equation, String Theory or the Theory of Everything which ever you want to call it.

The Equating of Consciousness to the Theory of Everything is to be understood in the same way that Einstein equated acceleration to gravity.  By equating acceleration to gravity Einstein was able to also equate the math obtained from understanding something as easily conceptual as an accelerating body like an elevator to the not so easily conceptual gravity.  The connection between acceleration and gravity was confirmed and proven in the 1919 solar eclipse observed in Africa which officially gave us Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.

I expect the equating of Consciousness to the Theory of Everything to be the same.  This means the Theory of Everything is also a Theory of Consciousness.

This blog is to first present both the traditional as well as current attempts to equate consciousness to the source of the Life – Universe or Theory of Everything.  Second it is to present the implications of such an equation which should prove to be remarkable.

That’s it or that’s Everything.


PS OH, it’s also a blog like any other interposed with what ever is present in the mind that day.

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